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Getting into a truck accident is one of the most stressful things we can experience in life. The physical and emotional pain and suffering can be overwhelming. Added to that is the stress of dealing with vehicle damage, property damage, and potentially dealing with lost wages due to serious injury.


Searching for the right truck accident attorney to assist you in a personal injury case can also be difficult. That’s where Sette Law Office comes in. We’re here to make the process easier for you and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Causes of Big Rig Accidents


The majority of professional truck companies make sure their drivers receive extensive training and testing in order to be licensed to drive the freeways through Sacramento. Our attorneys know that trucking is a highly regulated industry and that most experienced large truck drivers exercise skill and safety while on the roadways around our city. But unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Regardless of training and experience, semi-truck accidents still happen. Sadly, these accidents are often severe and sometimes end in the case of a wrongful death.

Truck accident

Hire a Professional Truck Accident Attorney


Truck accident attorneys know that the size and weight of commercial trucks and tractor trailers increase the likelihood of a severe or even deadly outcome if they are involved in a crash. There are many causes of truck accidents, such as:


  • Driver fatigue and exhaustion
  •  Speeding
  •  Drug or alcohol intoxication
  • High pressure to meet deadlines
  • Driver trying to manage difficult blind spots
  • Driver hauling unsafe loads in the tractor trailer
  • Brake and mechanical failures


How Can These Truck Accidents Be Avoided?


Simply put, many tragic accidents with large trucks could be prevented if motorists took greater precautions on the roadways of Sacramento. Commercial trucks are so much larger than the typical highway vehicle, which is why accidents involving
these trucks often have severe outcomes.

Their sheer size allows them to plow over almost anything in their path. When these trucks are involved in an accident, it’s the driver and passengers of the smaller vehicle who are most at risk.


So, what can you do to avoid these types of tragic accidents?


  1. Drive defensively and be aware of truck traffic.
  2. Respect and understand the challenges that big rig drivers face in maneuvering 10 tons of
    metal at freeway speeds.
  3.  Accident lawyers suggest monitoring lane changes made by truck drivers and regularly
    checking rear-view and side mirrors to track traffic movement on freeways.
  4. Give truckers the space they need.
  5. Adopt further safety measures. Our accident attorney advises that all motorists equip their
    vehicles with safety equipment such as a first-aid kit, flares, a seat belt cutter, and an implement
    to break window glass.
  6. Always carry a smartphone. Not only will you be able to call for help if you’re in an accident, but if you are not severely injured, you have a camera with you to take photos to document the aftermath. This can help support your personal injury case.

Sometimes, no matter how safe you are, accidents still happen, and when this is the case, you need to know what to do.


What to Do in the Case of a Truck Accident


If you find yourself in a serious accident, call 9-1-1 as soon as possible. Safety is always paramount. Luckily, in this day and age most of us have access to affordable smartphones. They have become valuable for many reasons; one of the most valuable features being the built in camera. If you are hurt but are not seriously injured, our accident lawyers suggest you help document the scene by taking photos and video of everything you can. Doing so makes things easier for personal injury
attorneys as these images can assist your attorney with documenting evidence. This evidence can then be used as they advocate for compensation for medical bills resulting from your truck accident injuries.


The Importance of Seeking Medical Attention


After the accident, you should receive prompt medical attention, even if injuries may not be suspected or apparent. Our Sacramento personal injury attorney reminds people that some symptoms from car crash injuries don’t appear for many hours (sometimes days). Delay of a medical exam can make a car accident injury claim more challenging for accident attorneys. Our lawyers advise victims to photograph/record both the treatment and healing process of their injuries.


Legal Options for Motorists


Our Sacramento attorneys hope that you or your loved ones never experience a serious semi-truck crash injury. However, if you find yourself injured in a commercial truck accident, the personal injury attorney at Sette Law Office invites you to come in for a consultation regarding your accident case. You may be entitled to compensation. Our legal experts will answer any questions you have and inform you of all options available to you. Trust that we will do everything in our power to help you receive compensation for your financial losses. As your law firm, we will aggressively advocate on your behalf to prevail against insurance companies that defend commercial trucking concerns.


Legal Options for Commercial Vehicle Drivers


Our Sacramento accident attorney knows that driving a commercial truck can be difficult. Long hours hauling large loads while trucking can be challenging, regardless of the amount of training you’ve received from your trucking company. Our personal injury attorney is also aware of the fact that accidents are not always your fault. If you are an experienced truck driver who has been injured in a semi-truck accident that was not your fault, our accident attorney understands your challenges and wants to assist you. Please contact Sette Law Office so that we can help you recover from losses suffered due to your accident. Our attorneys are experts in the legal issues involving trucking accidents. We are aware of the
challenges you face, and will explore issues like faulty servicing, road safety, and obstructions.


Why Choose Sette Law Office


Our Sacramento truck accident attorneys have been helping the victims of semi-truck crash injuries for more than 22 years. Our team of big rig accident lawyers is dedicated to helping you understand your legal options and making sure you receive adequate compensation for your injuries. As specialists in the laws and regulations regarding personal injury, our truck accident lawyers have taken on several accident cases and possess the skills and experience to successfully assist victims of Sacramento truck crashes. Call us today and let us help ease your burden. Our attorneys will do a thorough case evaluation and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.


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