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Insurance Company Battle


When you’re in an injury accident, the last thing you want to deal with is a battle with the insurance company. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what many people have to go through. This may be with your own insurance company or that of the other driver. While insurance companies go to great lengths to tout their trustworthiness, the sad fact is that they only pay claims because they legally have to—not because they want to. They will do whatever they can to pay as little as possible.

Insurance Companies Want to
Keep You Away From Attorneys


Typically two things prevent people from contacting an attorney. They have been conditioned to not be the “type of person to sue“, or they don’t want their rates to go up.  How amazing to be an industry wherein you get to charge someone for your product yet the consumer is afraid to use the product.  For example, filing an uninsured motorists claim (where the accident was caused by an uninsured motorists).  People may be hesitant to do so yet for fear their rates will go up yet literally by law the insurance carrier cannot raise your rates for making an uninsured motorists claim.

Insurance Claim Adjuster

People Are Afraid of Attorney Fees


Many people don’t want to have to pay an attorney.  Many people focus on what is potentially going out rather than what is coming in.  If their net after fees, costs, etc is more than what they would have obtained on their own, what is the downside of retaining an attorney?  Time and time again people have walked in our door after attempting to resolve on their own only to be forced to seek counsel.  This ties into the first concern above. Learn more about no upfront costs here.

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Avoid Insurance Company Tricks


Insurance companies are notorious for using a variety of tricks to reduce or deny claims. If you know what these tricks are, you can prepare yourself and make sure that you don’t get taken advantage of. Let’s look at five common tricks insurance companies try to use against claimants.


1: Delaying the Claims Process


This tactic is quite common. They conveniently fail to return your calls, and when they do talk to you, they may try to confuse you with paperwork or legal jargon. They tell you, “These things take time.” The purpose for dragging their feet here is two-fold. They’re hoping that 1) you’ll get impatient to settle, or that you’ll simply give up; or 2) they’re giving enough time for the bill collectors to start harassing you for payment, so you’re pressured to settle faster. In either case, it’s a manipulation to get you to accept less money.


2: Acting Like They Care About You


Don’t be fooled by this one. The insurance agent or adjuster may call you frequently to “check up on you” and express empathy. But make no mistake—this is not a friendly call. They are trying to act like your friend, so you let your guard down and trust them. Once they have gained your trust, they will start asking you questions that are designed to trip you up or get you to say something that they can use against you to reduce your claim.


3: Offering a Quick or Simple Settlement


This one is particularly deceiving because it seems like a good thing: the insurance company seems eager to settle, and they’re offering you a quick settlement that seems to be fair. But what they’re really doing here is lowballing you with an offer that’s far below what your claim is worth. If you accept it, you’ll likely end up getting a lot less money than you deserve. The first offer is seldom fair, and you should be highly suspicious of quick offers because it usually means the insurance company knows something you don’t know about how much money you should get—and they’re trying to settle the claim before you find out.


4: Using Your Words Against You


This trick is particularly underhanded because it’s legal. The insurance company may take statements you made to them out of context or construe them against you in ways you didn’t mean. They may twist your words to make it sound like you’re admitting partial responsibility for the accident as a way of reducing your claim. (This is why you should never talk to the insurance company without an attorney involved.)


5: Discouraging You From Contacting a Lawyer


“This is a simple case.”

“We’re here to work with you.”

“Why hire an attorney who is just going to charge you more fees?”

“It will only delay the process.”


Beware of these statements—they’re not made in good faith. Insurance companies would rather negotiate with you directly because they believe they can convince you to take less money. The truth is a good lawyer can help you get the most money possible from your claim and can make sure that the insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you. Hiring an attorney usually results in a much higher settlement—one that more than covers any attorney fees you’d incur. (Plus, when the attorney is paid on a contingency basis, you don’t pay them anything unless they win.)


If insurance adjusters work this hard to keep you from getting an attorney, shouldn’t you wonder if you need one? Making the choice to contact an attorney is more than likely your best bet. Our personal injury attorney stands ready to respond to your needs. Call us at (916) 869-9125.  Contact us today. You can follow us on Facebook here.


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