Failure To Yield Accident




Injuries in serious car accidents, according to Sacramento personal injury attorneys, come from a variety of driving behaviors. The failure to yield the right of way is among the most common causes of a Sacramento car crash. Personal injury easily happens in any Sacramento car accident. Injuries received in slow-speed failure-to-yield crashes may cause a Sacramento car accident victim to struggle to pay medical bills or work in Sacramento. Personal injury attorneys at the law firm of Sette Law Office have decades of experience in personal injury law helping the victims of Sacramento car accidents injury win fair compensation for their financial losses.


Sacramento personal injury lawyers realize that many drivers are unaware of the rules of the road. Especially, when it comes to right-of-way traffic laws in Sacramento. Right-of-way refers to which vehicle or individual is legally entitled to go first when paths intersect in Sacramento. Car crash injuries can happen when simple inattention to law leads to a serious Sacramento car accident with injuries. Injuries such as side-impact collisions involving cars, bicycles and pedestrians in Sacramento.


Driver being held responsible for injuries


When a driver fails to follow right of way laws, it may result in a driver being held responsible for injuries. Furthermore, financial damages caused by the Sacramento car crash injury. Our focus on personal injury law helps clients recover financial damages. At our Sacramento, personal injury firm attorneys believe that all drivers should be better acquainted with rules that can help to prevent accidents on the streets of Sacramento. Car crash injuries, particularly to pedestrians and bicyclists, don’t have to happen at high speeds to cause injuries. Here, our personal injury lawyers advise the prevention of Sacramento car crash injuries through knowledge of existing right-of-way laws.





Pedestrians have the right of way in Sacramento . Car accident injuries that happen to recreational skaters and people in wheelchairs are all treated as pedestrian accidents in Sacramento . At our personal injury firm, attorneys point out that motorists must yield to them – whether or not a crosswalk is marked, painted or has a sign in Sacramento .


Car crash injuries at intersections can be particularly severe and obeying right of way laws can prevent a serious Sacramento car accident with injuries. Most people know that the first vehicle to arrive at an intersection has the right of way in Sacramento . Personal Injury law attorneys say this simple rule gets more complicated when vehicles arrive at an intersection simultaneously in Sacramento . Car crash injuries can happen at intersections where a driver fails to yield to the vehicle on the right. Sacramento car accident injuries occur when drivers ignore this basic traffic law.





Roundabouts present even more challenges for drivers in Sacramento . Our personal injury lawyers say that roundabouts are relatively new to local drivers in Sacramento and car accident injury results. Injuries may be incurred even at the slower speeds required by a traffic circle in Sacramento . Personal injury lawyers explain that law requires drivers to wait for adequate space to enter traffic, while yielding to cyclists and pedestrians at all times in Sacramento .





Car accident injuries are often unavoidable but, by following basic right of way traffic laws, they can be prevented in Sacramento. Personal injury law attorneys at Sette Law Office hope all drivers remain aware and safe, but if you are involved in a Sacramento car crash with injuries, please know that our personal injury law firm attorneys are here to support you and put you back on the road to health and financial recovery. But remember, a Sacramento car crash injury might not happen if all drivers obeyed right-of-way laws. The Sette Law Office personal injury law firm is dedicated to our client’s best interests.





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