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Prevent Serious Motorcycle Accidents With Proper Safety


Motorcycle accident lawyers see the often tragic results of crashes. The California Highway Patrol sponsors an effective California Motorcyclist Safety Program that helps riders avoid and prevent accidents. The CHP has these training sites throughout the state and in Sacramento . Motorcycle accident lawyers strongly support this important public program. Completing the program not only sharpens riding skills but also gets the graduate a DMV certificate that waves the required riding skills test at the DMV in Sacramento .



Sacramento Motorcycle Accidents


Personal injury attorneys say Motorcycle accidents often involve older riders according to NTHSA data. In 2011 56 percent of fatalities on motorcycles were over the age of 40 nationwide. And, Sacramento personal injury attorneys add that injuries to these older riders were more severe. A Brown University study attributed this data to older riders possibly having slower reactions and less acute vision than younger riders. Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyers also know that mature riders tend to favor larger bikes that more easily roll over in Sacramento motorcycle accidents. Lawyers, however, are aware that riders of “Super Sport bikes” have higher four-times-higher risk of injury and death than those on other styles.


Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accident Injury Attorneys Provides Legal Expertise


At first look, responsibility for Sacramento motorcycle accident injuries might seem obvious. But, our motorcycle accident injury lawyers know full-well that unforeseen complexities often arise after a Sacramento car accident. Injuries must be clearly linked to the motorcycle crash, and we must prove that the Sacramento motorcycle crash injury was the defendant’s fault.


The definition of fault (liability) is often debated in court. In fact, our Sacramento personal injury attorneys note that insurance companies and lawyers for the defense often present vigorous opposition to a Sacramento motorcycle crash injury claim.


It’s extremely rare that an individual without legal education and extensive practice can handle the complexities.   Sacramento Motorcycle accident and personal injury law should have an attorney.


Sette Law Office’s Sacramento personal injury attorney urges motorcycle riders to educate themselves and protect themselves so that they safely enjoy the highways and byways of Sacramento . Our motorcycle accident lawyers understand and share the thrill of riding the open roads. And we also embrace the importance of heightened safety awareness for Sacramento motorcycle riders. Follow us on Facebook here.




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