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Attorneys know that most dog breeds can be as safe as pets and family friends. Sette Law Office says that good training and treatment is essential to having a pet that doesn’t present the threat of a bite.


However,  Sacramento dog bite lawyers note that some breeds may be predisposed to aggressive behavior. Personal injury attorneys have experience with dog owner who have neglected or abused their animals. Unpredictable, aggressive behavior that includes dog bite injuries, our attorneys warn, can be the result of this negligence. If you need to know what to do if a dog bites you, contact us today!



Attorneys at Sette Law Office say that dog bites are all-too common across the nation and in Sacramento. As personal injury attorneys, we deal with the often tragic consequences of serious cases when people are bitten by a dog and the dog owner.


Personal injury attorney, at our firm, the most disturbing dog attacks are those that happen to children in Sacramento. Our lawyers report that, unfortunately, 81 percent of cases nationwide are, in fact, children.

Dog bites

Dog Bite Victims


Our Sacramento dog bite attorney knows that the effects of a dog attack can be long-lasting, particularly for children. A dog bite injury, attorneys say, can leave physical scars as well as emotional scars.

Injured victim children may fear all dogs for a lifetime or be afraid to even play outdoors after a bite. Our Attorneys add that parents are often hesitant to sue for damages done after the bite when the dog belongs to a family or a friend. But attorneys point out the long-term consequences for children are significant.

Attorneys at Sette Law Office can help victims and their families protect their future emotional and financial health. Across the United States, about 1,000 people a day show up at emergency rooms with a serious dog bite. The Attorneys report that, annually, about 750,000 victims need medical treatment. And, our case review belongs to the dog bite laws says, dog owners should know this amounts to insurance payouts of approximately $300 million a year. Contact us today


Breeds and Dog Bites


Personal injury attorneys know that statistically, some dogs are more apt to bite than others. These breeds are sometimes chosen specifically for their aggressive reputation, our lawyer say, and owners may encourage this behavior.

In fact, our dog bite lawyer has experience with owners who actually train animals to attack. Our attorneys refer to data collected nationally that identifies a handful of breeds responsible for the most dog bites. Our attorneys know that not all individuals in all these breeds will be an aggressive dog that bites.

But attorneys advise that all owners of these breeds engage in careful training to keep their dogs under strict control. Personal injury attorneys most often litigate cases involving pit bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Huskies, and Malamutes. Along with wolf hybrids.

Attorneys point out that many of these breeds serve military and law enforcement roles in Sacramento. This, personal injury attorneys say, is proof that aggressive instincts can be controlled in the right hands of trainers. The dog owners have the responsibility of any victim of the animal attack.




Attorneys know that damages from a dog attack can be extensive and costly. Personal injury attorneys say that medical treatment and hospitalization quickly add up. Attorneys say, may also require future scar reduction treatment.


In addition, our personal injury attorneys say that counseling may be needed for emotional damage done by dog bites. Attorneys add that victims may also have lost wages and other economic losses that can be recovered by our lawyer at Sette Law Office.

Personal injury lawyers on the California dog bite law, know that each case is unique. There are liability laws that help attorneys navigate legal complexities, but dog owner responsibility isn’t always clear.


A dog bite attorney at Sette Law Office, one of Sacramento’s top personal injury law firms, is here to answer your questions and fight to compensate you for your economic and non-economic losses.




At Sette Law Office in California agrees that most dogs are not dangerous. But the experience of our lawyer proves that attacks can be deadly.


Personal injury attorneys help people recover financially by advocating for appropriate compensation for losses suffered due to a dog bite. Our Attorneys provide expertise and comfort to victims. Follow us on Facebook here.


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