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Put our 26 years of personal injury law experience in Sacramento behind your case

Sette Law Office is the personal injury attorney with over 26 years of law experience. It’s your case. We know it’s important to you. So that means it’s important to us. Get your free evaluation!

Practice Areas

Car Accident Injury

If you have been in a car accident in Sacremento, you may be entitled to damages for medical expenses and property damages


Motorcycle Injury

You need an experienced attorney after a motorcycle accident. Let Sette Law help you recover the compensation you need.


Big Truck Injury

Accidents involving semi-trucks are all too common. If you have been injured in an accident let Sette Law fight for you.


Dog Bite Injury

Dog bites can be serious. Let Sette Law help you recover the compensation you need after a bite.


Wrongful Death

Sette Law understands how difficult losing a loved one is. Let our team of experts help you through the difficult legal process.


Premises Liability

If you have suffered an injury on someone else’s property due to unsafe conditions, you may be entitled to compensation.


$4.3 Million

Industrial Incident

$2.5 Million

Wrongful Death

$2.5 Million

Motor Vehicle

Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney

Sette Law Office specializes in the broad arena of law that encompasses Sacramento personal injury. I am an attorney with extensive experience in many cases. From car accident injury to big rig collision accident injury, brain injury, wrongful death litigation, electronic jump scooter accident injury, dog bite injury and premise liability. I dedicate my professional career to serving my clients with quality legal advice and representation. I believe in clear communication that helps my clients feel comfortable and confident. We want our clients to know about the legal process through mutual trust and professional diligence.

– Fred Sette




At Sette Law Office, our goal is to protect the legal rights of people harmed because of the negligence of others. Our Sacramento car accident injury lawyers deal with a wide range of accidents such as vehicle accidents. Accidents from the most common Sacramento car crash injury, to dangerous dog bite injuries.

Our Sacramento personal injury attorneys must have the experience to manage different circumstances. Circumstances that contribute to a client’s car accident injuries and personal injury. Our lawyers know that accidents cannot be generalized and each client’s experience is deeply personal and often difficult.


Our Sacramento personal injury clients expect attorneys to provide answers to urgent questions and honestly inform them about their prospects of receiving compensation for car accident injuries. At Sette Law Office, we strive to exceed expectations. We return phone calls promptly and keep clients informed every step of the journey in each personal injury claim. Whether from Sacramento car accident injuries or some other cause, we are here.

And, it’s not the dollar amount of a personal injury claim that motivates our firm. It’s the opportunity to help car accident injury victims put their lives back together. We do this through a fair process. That is what attracted our Sacramento injury attorneys to the practice of law.

Finding The Right Injury Attorney

Research and instinct. You need to trust the personal injury attorney you retain to represent you.

Attorney’s Obligation

Observing and protecting clients’ best interests. Securing result given facts and Personal Injury Law.

Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

Claim adjuster’s try to pay as little as possible for personal injury claims, and they do this every day.

Fair Legal Fees

There are no upfront, out of pocket costs to you to hire a personal injury lawyer from our Law Office.

A personal injury attorney meeting with a client.


Our Sacramento personal injury lawyers have successfully represented clients in a broad range of cases. For more than a decade our list of car accident and injury cases has grown as has our success in representing individuals beyond Sacramento car crash injuries to a host of other physical and financial harms such as injuries from liability for a dog bite. Attorneys at Sette Law Office know that to our clients, no injury is insignificant, certainly not a Sacramento dog bite.

Our lawyers have represented clients with dog bite injuries just as severe as those suffered in a Sacramento car accident. Consequently, our Sacramento dog bite attorneys deliver vigorous representation to all our injury clients in Sacramento . Dog bites, lawyers know full well, can not only be very severe but can also be deadly.


As Sacramento car accident attorneys our first job is to learn about you, our client who has come to us with a personal injury claim. Your attorney will ask pertinent questions and listen carefully to determine an accurate extent of car crash injuries (or other cause) suffered, and calculate the potential value of damages. To our injury attorney ‘listening’ is an important skill.

Your recollections form the foundation for our accurate understanding of your case – your losses and your needs. At Sette Law Office in Sacramento our personal injury lawyers do not work for a firm whose business model is based on high-dollar volume. You are not a case number for our Sacramento car crash injury attorneys; you are an individual whom we intend to fully represent regardless of the size of your financial claim.


Your Sette Law Office personal injury attorney presents the defense with a personalized claim, unlike the cookie-cutter claims forwarded by so many personal injury law firms. Attorneys at Sette Law Office will be in direct contact with you and your calls will be personally returned by your injury lawyer. After all, the pain inflicted by a car crash injury is enough to bear, so respect for our clients is part of our business model.

In fact, in Sacramento , our car accident attorneys know of firms that run strictly on volume and efficiency – maybe good for the bottom line, but not beneficial for clients. For personal injury clients, our attorneys know the legal process is probably a one-time experience. It’s all new and certainly complicated for average clients.

Our Sacramento car accident attorneys are also cognizant. Cognizant of the fact that personal injury clients may be suffering significant emotional and physical pain. Consequently, individual attention and compassion is a priority for Sette Law Office. We are the trusted personal injury and car accident attorneys in Sacramento . Follow us on Facebook Here.

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If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident, REMEMBER: DO NOT get rushed or pushed into any agreement with the insurance company. Once agreed, it is over. CONSULT a personal injury attorney to get what you deserve.

  • No upfront fees, no risk, and no out of pocket cost to you or your family.
  • Entirely confidential – we respect your privacy, consultations are privileged.
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