California Tour Bus Accidents – Victims Right To Compensation

California Tour Bus Accidents – Victims Right To Compensation

The recent tragic New York tour bus accident has raised questions concerning victims and their families’ rights to compensation when serious personal injuries or a wrongful death occurs on a tour bus.

When a serious accident occurs it is critical to contact an experienced California personal injury attorney immediately to conduct an investigation and determine all the potential factors that may affect compensation.

In the New York bus accident, the driver had been sleeping before operating the bus, which then flipped on its side and killed 15 passengers as they returned home from a gambling trip. The accident is now being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board. Looming questions include if fatigue played a role in the accident – witnesses indicate that the bus had veered off the road several times before crashing; if another vehicle clipped the bus, and if the company was negligent in hiring the driver based on his previous driving record.

An accident may simply be the fault of driver error. However, many times other factors contribute. For example, a tour bus company may owe a duty of care to bring its customers to and from a location safely. In order to ensure passengers safety, conducting a background check on its drivers is critical. The failure to perform adequate screening may lead to findings of fault against a company.

Many circumstances impact who and what may be held liable and ultimately responsible to compensate victims and their families when serious injuries and wrongful death occurs.

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