Bicycle Riders Face Risks in Sacramento

Bicycle Riders Face Risks in Sacramento

Bicycle accidents lawyers in Sacramento are looking closely at local and state laws as questions about safety are highlighted in local media. The attention comes due to an accident in which Hillary Abramson, a pedestrian, was hit and seriously injured by a bicyclist riding on a sidewalk in Sacramento . Bicycle injury lawyer at Sette Law Office agree that local traffic ordinances applying to bicycles need clarification and potential changes to keep riders and walkers safe in Sacramento .

Personal injury attorneys have seen first-hand how a bicycle accident can dramatically change the quality of life for injured riders. The lawsuit recently filed by Ms. Abramson, alleging traffic codes are unclear and dangerous, is just one example in Sacramento . Our bicycle accident lawyers report that local code appears to conflict with state code that specifies bicyclists ride on streets along with other vehicles. A section of city code, however, states it’s okay for bike riders to use residential sidewalks in Sacramento .

Our bicycle accident lawyers say that Ms. Abramson’s life was changed by the incident which caused permanent disabilities, a lengthy hospital stay and surgery. Her claim asks for $3.5 million compensation for suffering and pain but our Sacramento personal injury attorney says there is a goal beyond compensation; she publically stated a desire to see bike law changed and clarified in Sacramento . Bicycle injury lawyer at Sette Law Office point out that for many accident victims, the idea that their personal story can launch changes to protect others is part of their motivation to file legal action.

Sacramento bicycle accidents will likely become more frequent as an increasing number of people chose this environmentally friendly form of transportation. Certainly, many areas of the city, such as Midtown and the central city, are inviting to riders in Sacramento . Bicycle accident lawyers agree that traffic laws should be clear and enforced so that both pedestrians and bike riders are safe.

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