How do you find the right personal injury lawyer? The quickest answer is research and instinct. There are many qualified personal injury attorneys, and there are many unqualified personal injury attorneys. For various reasons, it is an area of law that can attract lawyers who don’t have the proper training or the right intentions. The good news is, in today’s world it is easy to get access to an attorney’s background and qualifications through the internet. Here are some key factors to find the right personal injury attorney.

  1. Relevant criteria would include experience – how long has the attorney been handling personal injury matters and what experience do they have during that time.
  2. Training – how long the attorney has been practicing is not the only criteria, perhaps more important, have they had proper training in the field and where did they gain this training. Perhaps the attorney worked an internship while in law school and was able to get very good training from highly respected attorneys.
  3. Social media – although social media may not paint the most accurate of pictures, if there are consistent reviews you can get an idea of who the personal injury attorney is, how they are as a representative of injured people, and what experience the client has with that personal injury attorney.


All things today are internet search related. So, it is possible to get a lead on an a personal injury lawsuit in California simply through the internet. However, it is also common for a new client to call my office on a referral. You can always ask other people that you know and trust if they know of a qualified personal injury attorney.  If you have a good relationship with your medical provider, ask if they know of a personal injury attorney they could refer you to.

Once you have found a lead or two, meet with that personal injury attorney. My advice is always, you should trust the attorney you retain to represent you. Most people will have a gut instinct during their meeting with the potential attorney and they should trust that instinct. It is fair for you to ask the attorney tough questions such as; how long have you been doing this, what kind of personal injury cases do you usually handle, have you seen a personal injury case like this before. A personal injury claim is very personal and important to the injured person, so entrusting that claim to another person is a huge decision for them. I have always said I am greatly honored to have been given that trust by someone else and always do my best to respect that trust. Follow us on Facebook here.