As experts in Sacramento personal injury law, attorneys at Sette Law Office are committed to informing the public about driving safety.  We have long represented people who have been the victims of a Sacramento car crash injury. Among the many dangers to drivers on our region’s roadways is the all-too-common occurrence of drowsy driving. This is also known as driver fatigue. We are aware of many Sacramento car accident injuries related to drowsy driving, a national problem of significant proportions.

First, our Sacramento personal injury law firm attorneys want to issue a warning based on some startling facts. Facts regarding drowsy driving in America and in Sacramento. Car accident injuries traced to sleepy drivers behind the wheel account for about 100,000 accidents every year. This is according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA).

However, it’s important to note that it’s very difficult to accurately assess the number of Sacramento car accident injuries caused by fatigued drivers because drowsy driving is challenging to prove.


Certainly, the fatigued motorist who causes a Sacramento car crash injury has little motivation to admit guilt. Guilt about his or her condition prior to the Sacramento car accident. Injuries throughout the nation are estimated at about 71,000 annually, with 1,550 deaths on top of that conservative number. There is difficulty identifying fatigue as the cause of Sacramento car accident injuries. Our lawyers for the injured victim must be experienced and skilled in managing these complex cases.

Our Sacramento personal injury law firm attorneys can win fair compensation for a client’s car crash injury because we have extensive experience in investigating the circumstances of drowsy driving accidents, and our Sacramento personal injury lawyers are prepared for the tactics of lawyers for the defense in a Sacramento car crash injury case.

It’s important for the victims of Sacramento car accident injuries to know that there is no substitute for professional legal experience and knowledge when it comes to successfully recovering losses incurred in a Sacramento car crash. Serious personal injury always threatens serious financial, medical, and emotional consequences that our Sacramento personal injury law firm attorneys fight to recover for our clients.


Car accident injuries caused by a fatigued driver may initially be attributed to another source because, as we previously mentioned, drowsy driving is hard to prove after a Sacramento car crash with injuries. After all, our Sacramento personal injury attorneys point out there is nothing similar to a “breathalyzer” or blood test to show a driver was fatigued in a Sacramento car crash. Injuries could be blamed on other circumstances.

Of course, drowsy drivers have no motivation to admit their condition and it is up to our Sacramento personal injury law firm attorneys to delve deeply into the details of the Sacramento car crash causing injury.


Some Sacramento car accident injuries in which drowsiness plays a role are easier to identify when the responsible driver has been drinking alcohol. Sobriety tests at the scene of the Sacramento car crash with injuries will identify a DUI driver who is susceptible to falling asleep at the wheel. But, aside from this tool, law enforcement has no concrete evidence to determine fatigue played a role in a Sacramento car accident with injuries.

Yet another threat of Sacramento car crash injury comes from big rig and truck traffic. That’s, at times, heavy on the freeways surrounding Sacramento. Personal injury law firm lawyers know that long haul drivers, deprived of sleep, have caused many accidents. Accidents throughout the nation and on Interstate highways around Sacramento. Car crash injuries in these incidents are usually critical and often fatal.


Personal injury attorneys at Sette Law Office say an NHTSA survey identified who is most at risk. At risk of causing a sleep-related Sacramento car accident injury. It appears that young drivers and people who work in shifts are the most vulnerable. This is across the nation and in Sacramento, car crash injury reports indicate. Drivers age 18 to 29, more men than women, shift workers as opposed to daytime workers are groups at highest risk for a Sacramento car accident.

Injuries caused by drowsy drivers who sleep just four to five hours a night are more common perpetrators. Sacramento personal injury law firm attorneys say this lack of sleep quadruples the risk of a Sacramento car accident with injuries or death. Interestingly, an Australian study showed that staying awake for 24 hours caused impairment greater than .10 blood alcohol level. This is two points above the legal DUI level. Sacramento car crash injuries are logically subject to the same results.


Attorneys have won multi-million dollar settlements for families who suffered losses in fatigued driving car crashes. Sacramento safety, however, trumps financial recovery. Our Sacramento personal injury lawyers urge drivers to be aware of ways to avoid driver fatigue.

For example, drowsy drivers may avoid the threat of a Sacramento car crash. A crash causing personal injury by not driving alone. Certainly, drivers may start trips early in the day, making frequent stops, and other mitigations. Our personal injury law firm attorneys also say it’s crucial to pay immediate attention to any signs of fatigue. Signs that could lead to Sacramento car crash injury. These include yawning, heavy eyes, and attention drifting while driving in Sacramento. Most importantly, car accident injuries can cause a lifetime of suffering in just seconds of inattention.


Unfortunately, We know that tragic car crashes will continue to occur. If you or someone you care for has been the victim of a Sacramento car accident with injuries, we hope that you will trust us. Moreover, we want to help you recover losses and move forward. Our concern is for the well-being of our clients in Sacramento. Personal injury lawyers at Sette Law Office are not focused on the relative size of the awards. We seek for our clients who have been the victims of a Sacramento car crash injury.

We are focused on each Sacramento car accident and personal injury case. No matter what the financial outcomes. Our Sacramento car crash injury clients are treated as individuals with unique experiences and needs. Our success shows in the hundreds of cases we’ve won and the warm gratefulness of our Sacramento car accident injury clients. Subsequently, these clients remain in touch and recommend our services to others. Follow us on Facebook here.