Sette Law Office is highly experienced in working with the victims of head injury. Our personal injury lawyer knows the emotional and financial costs resulting from traumatic brain injury. Certainly this may happen due to contact sports or some other cause such as a Sacramento car accident. Attorneys say that brain injury can result in critical and debilitating long-term health problems for victims in Sacramento . Our personal injury attorney is involved in head injury cases. Often. when the preventable accident happened because of someone’s negligence.


According to our Sacramento personal injury attorney, any accident that involves a sudden blow or jolt to the head is a threat. The severity of a brain injury can vary, our personal injury lawyer explains, but even the most mild brain injury needs to be evaluated. Because of the extensive experience of our Sacramento personal injury attorneys, we know that even mild head trauma, if left untreated or undiagnosed can worsen over time. That’s why our personal injury lawyer urges anyone subject to a head injury seek immediate medical attention.


For example, after a Sacramento car accident, our attorneys say, the injured party may not lose consciousness. Consequently, when dizziness and other symptoms arise, the injured person may never connect the signs with previous head trauma. Furthermore, our personal injury attorney reports that the public is just now becoming aware of CTE. This is the cumulative effect of repeated (mild) brain trauma in football, including youth sports in Sacramento .

Personal injury lawyers know that Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is not unusual. Each year over 2 million people in the U.S. are afflicted. Our Sacramento personal injury law firm attorneys explain that many accidents can cause TBI – from criminal acts to falls or a Sacramento car crash. Injuries can include headaches, seizures, vomiting and other debilitating conditions. Our Sacramento personal injury attorney deals with two main types of head injuries. An open head injury, personal injury lawyers explain, is often obvious because there’ll be a visible puncture or fracture. Bleeding, swelling, and/or loss of consciousness can also be observed.

However, our Sacramento personal injury attorney says that a closed head injury may not present any immediate evidence. For example, after a Sacramento car accident, attorneys note that brain injury can happen without any fracture or external bleeding. Nonetheless, our Sacramento personal injury attorney explains that the brain has been violently jolted inside the skull. The brain itself can be bruised after hitting up against the skull after a Sacramento car crash. Our Attorneys say that symptoms will likely be far more subtle.


A concussion often involves a degree of unconsciousness. Our Sacramento personal injury lawyer says we are learning that very mild concussion may not cause any observable unconsciousness. But, according to personal injury attorneys a concussion generally includes some unconsciousness and other symptoms as well. Changes in breathing and pulse, our Sacramento personal injury attorney says, in addition to nausea, dizziness and temporary amnesia may be present. Blurred vision is yet another sign of concussion, according to personal injury attorneys.


Our Sacramento personal injury attorney knows that closed head injuries also threaten very serious consequences. Swelling to the brain as a result of blood and fluids can cause pressure on the brain. In addition, personal injury lawyers explain, small blood vessels may rupture and allow blood to seep out and accumulate inside the skull. This creates pressure on the brain, our personal injury attorney reports, because the skull doesn’t enlarge to accommodate the additional fluids. Our Sacramento personal injury law firm attorney knows that serious consequences are not limited. The brain can be deprived of oxygen, and nerve fibers can break and affect sensory and/or motor function. Our personal injury attorney knows that the potential of any brain injury is not to be underestimated.

In our experience as Sacramento personal injury attorneys representing the victims of brain injury, we know that long term results are mixed. Some victims of head trauma experience recovery after their personal injury. Lawyers explain that therapies and drugs may help. However, our personal injury attorney observes that most victims suffer a permanent disability. These disabilities completely alter lives and our Sacramento personal injury attorney helps victims win financial compensation to offset significant losses.

Our personal injury lawyer says just a few of the conditions that result from major head injuries include paralysis, loss of motor function and sensory loss. Beyond physical disability, personal injury attorneys know that diminished mental capacity, memory loss and emotional illness can also result.


At our personal injury law firm, attorney is focused on bringing financial recovery to our clients who have suffered serious brain trauma. Of course, personal injury attorneys seek current and future medical costs. In addition, our personal injury law firm attorney looks to win compensation for loss of earnings and enjoyment, long-term nursing and, in some cases, punitive damages. Negligence, our Sacramento personal injury attorney explains, can happen in a hospital from careless medical treatments, or non-diagnosis of brain injury. With new evidence about TBI, our personal injury attorneys note that more attention will also be paid to schools and youth sports. Any coach that irresponsibly sends a player back into the game after a head injury, our personal injury lawyer warns, may be demonstrating negligence.


Our Sacramento personal injury attorney knows that brain injury victims can face a lifetime of challenges. In addition, the families of people with TBI also suffer. Our personal injury attorneys say that families experience profound emotional and economic loss when a loved one suffers a debilitating brain injury. The burdens are substantial and our Sacramento personal injury attorney works diligently to restore greater security for afflicted families.

A lawsuit involving severe brain injury is a matter for experienced personal injury attorneys. Expert witnesses and complicated medical evidence will be required. Our Sacramento personal injury attorneys possess the skill, experience and record of success that creates confidence in our clients. If you or a loved one has suffered a debilitating brain injury, please call our personal injury law firm. Attorneys will treat you with respect and compassion as we assess your claim and help you on the road to a more secure future. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.


While open head injuries are typically obvious, closed head injuries such as with concussions may be more difficult to detect. If you are unsure if you’ve sustained a head injury, it’s best to obtain medical attention at once. Follow us on Facebook here.

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