Road rage is on the rise. Injuries caused by an aggressive driver are not unusual throughout the nation or in Sacramento . Car crash injuries and deaths attributed to road rage and aggressive driving are challenging to track. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates 27,000 deaths annually are due to aggressive drivers. Over the years, many Sacramento car crash injuries have involved road rage. Further, our Sacramento personal injury attorneys say that statistics indicate aggressive driving causes more deaths than does drunk driving. Similar figures like translate to Sacramento car accident injuries.


Certainly, the victims of Sacramento car crash injuries caused by an aggressive driver’s behavior have the right to seek compensation for their losses. At Sette Law Office in Sacramento , car accident injury victims are supported to hold reckless drivers responsible. Our personal injury lawyer knows that it’s often challenging to prove that Sacramento car crash injuries were inflicted by an out-of-control driver. With decades of experience investigating the circumstances of Sacramento car accident injuries, personal injury attorneys at Sette Law Office are equipped to handle the challenge.


At the same time, we are committed to helping make roadways safer in Sacramento. Personal injury lawyers believe that road rage is a personal, emotional problem and it may be up to good drivers to remain safe in Sacramento . However, car crash injury may be avoided by vigilance. Sacramento personal injury attorneys say that driving defensively is necessary in today’s traffic. Commuters throughout the region witness almost daily Sacramento car accidents with injuries.

Certainly, the increased traffic on freeways and the main thoroughfares of Sacramento make car crash injuries a constant threat. However, traffic also tests the emotional stability of aggressive drivers dealing with congestion in Sacramento . Our personal injury attorney believes it’s regrettable but true that some drivers will be out-of-control. Their rage can easily lead to a Sacramento car crash injury or death.

Therefore, to keep safe from a Sacramento car crash, personal injury attorneys suggest that drivers take precautions. Drive defensively and track surrounding traffic through the use of mirrors. Spotting a reckless driver early can help drivers avoid a Sacramento car accident. Injuries can be prevented by conscientious drivers who do not use electronic devices. Our Sacramento personal injury attorneys remind drivers that distracted driving is a growing source of Sacramento car crash injuries. With so many aggressive drivers on roadways, rage and distracted driving could be deadly partners in Sacramento .


Car accident injuries and deaths caused by a reckless driver may be considered “negligence.” Our Sacramento personal injury attorneys work within this legal definition to help clients who have been financially and emotionally harmed in a serious Sacramento car accident. Injuries can lead to medical bills, loss of work and future income. Sette Law Office Sacramento personal injury attorneys also look at non-economic losses. After all, clients harmed by a reckless driver in a Sacramento car crash with injuries should not have to bear the costs of the negligence of others. Our Sacramento personal injury lawyers provide the expertise and compassion to help Sacramento car accident injury victims heal for a better tomorrow. Follow us on Facebook here.