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A Look at Personal Injury Law in Davis

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Personal injury lawyers may be some of the most misunderstood practitioners of law in Davis . Personal injury attorney at Sette Law Office has at the core of our mission the goal of providing justice to personal injury victims. We are aware our personal injury lawyer specialty is often unfairly characterized in the media so allow us to focus on how we contribute to justice for our clients. Without the expertise in personal injury law, individuals harmed because of the negligence of other people or large business entities would not have the experience or education possessed by Davis personal injury lawyers – and likely be unable to receive fair compensation for the effects of a serious personal injury.

With our academic focus on personal injury law and our access to historical court actions, personal injury attorneys know how to proceed and prevail on behalf of victims in Davis . A personal injury victim can be left with sky-high medical bills, loss of work, negative impacts on family and sometimes profound emotional scars. With the support of a Davis personal injury lawyer, a victim can be compensated for his or her losses. We know that financial awards can’t take away the emotional impact of a serious personal injury, but lawyers specializing in this niche of law do know the burden of debt can be lifted from the shoulders of victims in Davis .

Personal Injury Attorneys litigate Landmark Cases

Along with fighting for justice for Davis personal injury victims, lawyers throughout the nation have been instrumental in many major decisions that impact the lives of thousands of people. Most of the cases pitted large corporate entities against individuals or groups that suffered a personal injury. Lawyers look at the circumstances and history in preparing and presenting their evidence as well as at applicable precedents in personal injury law. But, when the issue involves powerful entities with a complement of lawyers at their command, personal injury attorneys must be ready for a lengthy public relations battle in addition to the legal dynamics.

In many of these high profile cases, personal injury lawyers created results that today protect entire communities. For example, in the 1980s breast implants were in demand and popular, until there was evidence the implants often leaked and sometimes ruptured, causing harm to women across the nation and in Davis . Personal injury lawyers represented a group of thousands of women who had undergone the cosmetic surgery and sued medical practitioners as well as the makers of the implants. As a result, personal injury victims received millions of dollars and the public was protected into the future, across the U.S. and in Davis .

Personal injury law can clearly extend beyond an individual’s complaint to impact a general population. In Davis , personal injury lawyers assess how a case might apply beyond to a larger group of people. If multiples of victims are involved, a Davis personal injury case may become a class action lawsuit.

One of the most famous cases was that of Erin Brockovich who stood up to PG & E, alleging the company allowed toxic chromium to seep into her community’s well water. Davis personal injury lawyers and our colleagues throughout the county, followed the case with intense interest. But the public likely better recalls the movie “Erin Brockovich,” starring Julia Roberts as Ms Brockovich. It was a difficult, lengthy struggle but a court awarded a $333 million judgment that affirmed personal injury that extended to the entire community of people harmed.

Davis personal injury attorneys also recognize the work of John Edwards, a one-time lawyer who became a North Carolina Senator. Edwards, prior to his own ethical issues as a legislator, was responsible for litigating a personal injury case that netted the largest compensation ever awarded in the state - at $25 million. He represented the family of a child whose intestines had been suctioned out by a swimming pool drain. Edwards went after the drain manufacturer in a personal injury lawsuit that not only got financial results but protected untold others from a similar, horrible experience.

A tragic event happened in 2007 that should interest those of us who live in Davis . Our personal injury lawyers, like thousands in our community, frequently cross local bridges across the American and Davis rivers. Some of those structures are very old and are being assessed for safety. In 2007, the main span of a bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota, collapsed during rush hour. Scores of people were injured and 13 lost their lives. Davis personal injury attorneys at Sette Law Office say that lawsuits against the companies responsible for the design and engineering of the bridge were lodged. In that case many personal injury lawyers and other attorneys worked pro-bono to represent the public interest and the well-being of the personal injury victims.

Davis personal injury lawyers say one of the most famous personal injury lawsuits is widely derided and misunderstood. The 1992 incident in which a 72-year-old woman spilled a cup of McDonald’s coffee on her lap has been much debated in the media and in Davis . Personal injury lawyers, however, know that Stella Liebeck’s injuries were extensive – requiring skin grafts and hospitalization. While some commentators called the case “frivolous” our Davis personal injury attorneys beg to disagree. Third-degree burns and lesser burns on 22 percent of one’s body is hardly frivolous. Permanent disfigurement and a disability lasting for years adds up to qualify as a valid personal injury lawsuit. McDonalds further refused to cover Ms Liebeck’s medical costs and showed no compassion for the personal injury victim until a Texas personal injury lawyer took on the case and accused McDonald’s of gross negligence.

Davis personal injury attorneys report that McDonald’s required that outlets serve coffee up to 190˚F degrees – experts reported it would take only two to four seconds for coffee that hot to cause third-degree burns to customers anywhere, including Davis . Personal injury attorneys also say that McDonalds had previously gotten at least 700 complaints from other customers who said they were burned by the too-hot coffee. A jury eventually awarded damages to Ms Liebeck, who, without the expertise of dedicated personal injury lawyer, would most likely have been ignored and left to suffer her personal injury alone, financially as well as emotionally.

Our Davis personal injury lawyers at Sette Law Office point out that these, and other high profile personal injury lawsuits, speak publically to the work we do on behalf of personal injury victims on a daily basis. Most often, these cases do not make headlines. But Davis personal injury attorneys know how profoundly financial losses impact victims and their families. Our commitment as Davis personal injury lawyers is to give each case our complete attention as if it were of global importance.



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