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The Dangers of Dog Bites in Sacramento

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Dog bite attorney at Sette Law Office is fans of our canine companions and many of us are dog owners. Nonetheless, our Sacramento personal injury attorney wants to encourage responsible dog ownership and, at the same time, educate people in Sacramento about dog bite dangers. Attorneys, unfortunately, see up-close the tragic impact of irresponsible pet ownership that can, and does, lead to a Sacramento dog bite.

Our attorneys recall high profile incidents in 2001 and 2012 when California women were attacked and killed by dogs. In fact, our Sacramento dog bite lawyers report that nationwide, about 1000 Americans a day receive dog bite injuries that require treatment. In Sacramento , dog bites show attorneys just how serious injuries can be to a victim and also how little the public understands dog bite law.

Our Sacramento personal injury attorney will outline some details about dog bite law and also present some findings about the breeds that most commonly inflict dog bites. First, lawyers make clear where the State stands on dog bite law – basically, the dog owner is liable for injuries inflicted in any Sacramento dog bite that happens in a public place. The same can be true on private property if the victim was lawfully on the property in Sacramento . Dog bite attorneys report that unlawful trespassers are generally not able to claim similar personal injury for a Sacramento dog bite.

Lawyers add that the victim need not necessarily prove that a pet owner knew a dog was dangerous before the Sacramento dog bite. Attorneys say the owner of the dog is responsible for the animal’s behavior and any damages caused by a Sacramento dog bite. Our attorney says there are a few exceptions, such as an employee of a kennel who accepts a job that poses the risk of a dog bite.

But lawyers are quick to point out that dog owners are in the spotlight in any Sacramento dog bite. Our attorney says that owners who know a dog has aggressive tendencies but doesn’t try to protect the public, may be liable for harm in Sacramento . Personal injury attorneys explain that owners might take measures to mitigate any dangers, such as muzzling a dangerous dog and posting notices. Sacramento dog bite lawyers say that common law statutes require a dog bite victim to show that the animal’s owner failed to protect against the potential for a serious dog bite.

Sacramento personal injury lawyers also point out that dog owners have rights under the law. As stated earlier, a trespasser on property may not succeed in claiming damages for a Sacramento dog bite. Attorneys for the defendant will argue a trespasser willingly took on that risk. He or she, in fact, contributed to responsibility for the Sacramento dog bite. Lawyers add that this principle may also apply to a delivery person who is aware an aggressive dog is on the property but enters anyway, and becomes the victim of a Sacramento dog bite. In fact, lawyers explain that it’s possible for both parties to be held responsible for a dog bite. Attorneys for the plaintiff can claim negligence and the Sacramento dog bite lawyer for the defendant may show the victim’s negligence contributed to the dog bite injury.

Some Dog Breeds Disproportionally Represented in Dog Bite Studies

Sacramento dog bite lawyers say that common law implies that dogs who never displayed aggressive behavior are most often considered harmless and not likely to inflict a Sacramento dog bite. However, attorneys add that certain breeds can be generally regarded as dangerous. One study done over 30 years assessed several such breeds. Our Sacramento personal injury lawyer knows that not all individual dogs in any breed will display aggression, but present these abbreviated findings: breeds include pit bulls, rottweilers, mastiffs, sharpeis and boxers, among others that inflicted the most frequent dog bites.

Attorneys say it’s important to know this information because of the severity of injuries inflicted. Data reflects national (and Canadian) numbers, but logically translate to Sacramento dog bite injuries. Lawyers report that 81 percent of dog attacks involved children and 76 percent of dog bite injuries and attacks were fatal. A significant 86 percent caused bodily harm. Our Sacramento personal injury attorney adds that, across America, one in 50 people is at risk of a dog bite.

Lawyers also point out that 9.2 percent of dogs the nation are responsible for dog bite injuries and deaths. Furthermore, Sacramento dog bite lawyers say the study showed a decrease in deaths due to pit bull attacks over the past 10 years. Still, a national nonprofit that tracks dog bite injuries and attacks says pit bulls and rottweilers were responsible for 74 percent of dog bite injuries that resulted in deaths.

A Call for Responsibility to Prevent Sacramento dog bite Injuries

Attorney at Sette Law Office knows from experience in the community and in court, that heightened awareness of dog ownership can help prevent Sacramento dog bites. Awareness of a pet’s behavior and impulses, based on individuals and breeds, for example, should be an owner’s responsibility. Proper dog training and socialization can also prevent Sacramento dog bite injuries. Attorneys say that dog ownership is a whole package of responsibilities. At the same time, the public should take measures to protect themselves from Sacramento dog bite injuries. Attorneys say, don’t risk injury by entering property occupied by an unfamiliar dog. Our Sacramento personal injury lawyer also feels it’s wise to know which breeds pose the greatest threat of a Sacramento dog bite and exercise caution.

As we stated at the start of this Blog, our Sacramento personal injury attorney is dog lovers – we understand the great benefits of having a dog in the family. Thus, when we find ourselves handling a claim in a Sacramento dog bite, our attorney is concerned on more than one level. Of course, we empathize with our Sacramento dog bite victim and attorneys will fight to recoup our client’s losses. But at the same time we are saddened that a dog owner did not accept responsibility for an animal who, with the proper care, might not have been out of control and inflicted a serious dog bite injury.



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