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Workers Compensation: Help for people injured in a vehicle accident

Are you looking for worker’s compensation? Personal injury attorneys support people who have been injured.  Usually through no fault of their own, in Sacramento. Personal injury attorneys at Sette Law Office have dedicated decades to helping people recover financial losses. Losses for injuries such as those related to a work place accident. Our Sacramento personal injury attorney explains that on-the-job injuries include a number of scenarios for employees. An accident that causes injury that requires medical care, according to personal injury lawyers, is a basic definition.

However, our Sacramento personal injury attorney adds that injury can appear later. Such as one caused by a work environment. For example, personal injury attorneys remind us of the cancers related to working with asbestos. At our personal injury law firm, we know that many serious health problems only appear after significant time. Yet another condition that our Sacramento personal injury attorney frequently sees is related to repetitive stress. There can also be trauma in the work place. These and other injuries, our personal injury lawyers explain, can lead to high medical bills and lifetime disabilities for client in Sacramento . Contact us today

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Our personal injury attorney knows that some injuries will qualify for Worker’s Compensation. In addition, our personal injury lawyers say that tort law may also apply for injured workers in Sacramento . Personal injury attorneys add that injured employees may claim Worker’s Compensation from their employers. In this circumstance, our Sacramento personal injury attorney explains that the injured employee may receive a percentage of their salary. This is to compensate for injuries and disabilities incurred.

However, our Sacramento personal injury attorney is well aware that the path to claiming compensation is seldom easy. As a personal injury law firm, our Sacramento personal injury lawyers are focused on this distinct legal arena. Consequently, if you have received an on-the-job injury, a consultation is needed.  Our personal injury attorneys is definitely in your best interest.


Our Sacramento personal injury attorney explains that injured employees in California have only one option. Injured employees must file a Worker’s Compensation claim if they hope to tap into benefits available. Sacramento personal injury lawyers add that these claims will be considered by the Worker’s Compensation Appeals Board. In these cases, our Sacramento personal injury attorneys explain, there is no jury involved and cases are heard by an administrative judge.

Personal injury lawyers say that Worker’s Compensation may cover certain medical costs, care, treatment, therapy and prescriptions for clients in Sacramento . Personal injury attorneys add that the program offers only limited lost income support. However, vocational retraining is part of the Worker’s Comp system, our personal injury lawyers say, along with compensation for permanent disabilities and death benefits.

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Our Sacramento personal injury attorney explains that these state benefits are usually far less than an injured worker might receive under tort law. However, our personal injury attorneys say that Californians are prohibited from suing employers for on-the-job injuries. At our Sacramento personal injury law firm, our personal injury lawyers recommend that employees purchase disability insurance from a private provider.

California Worker’s Compensation, according to Sacramento personal injury attorneys, also covers employees who have been injured through their own negligence or mistake. Our personal injury lawyers explain that Worker’s Comp law differs from civil law. There is “no fault” found, our personal injury attorney says and the focus is on the injury, its cause and potential remedies.


Attorneys at our Sacramento personal injury law firm say that tort law allows injured persons to sue a third- party who was responsible for their work injury. Our personal injury lawyers explain that situations such as defective products or equipment, car accident injuries, toxic exposure and similar circumstances are covered under tort law. Our Sacramento personal injury attorneys know that many details are challenging to understand. To determine whether or not a personal injury qualifies for a tort action, please call Sette Law Office personal injury lawyer in Sacramento .

Personal injury attorneys know that Worker’s Compensation laws are subject to numerous codes and statutes. In addition, our personal injury lawyers remind people that it’s a felony to file a fraudulent claim. Consequently, accident attorneys urge injured workers to speak directly with our Sacramento personal injury attorney regarding how to navigate the state’s system and its appeals process.

Our Sacramento personal injury attorneys are a team of experienced professionals. The personal injury law firm of Sette Law Office invites you call us at (833) 904-9040 for a complimentary consultation with a Sacramento personal injury attorney regarding your work related injury.


(*Auto Accient Injuries Only)

Personal injury lawyers explain that Worker’s Compensation protects employers from lawsuits over workplace injuries. As experienced Sacramento personal injury lawyers we are very aware that Worker’s Comp often fails to cover medical and other significant costs of injuries. Consequently, injured workers seek help from the Sacramento personal injury law firm Sette Law Office. Sette Law office personal injury attorneys will explain the process of filing a third-party lawsuit. Our personal injury lawyers explain this may include suing a manufacturer, contractor or owner who caused the personal injury.

Our Sacramento personal injury attorney possesses vast experience in this arena of law. Personal injury lawyers collect evidence and medical records, confer with experts and advocate for our clients. When our personal injury attorneys successfully litigate a third-party case, clients are able to receive just compensation for their injuries. Personal injury lawyers in third-party actions can collect financial damages for lost wages, pain and suffering and other results of a personal injury suffered while working. Our Sacramento personal injury attorney says that, if a case qualifies for third-party action, the financial recovery is often much greater than it is under the worker’s Comp system.

However, our personal injury attorneys emphasize that we only accept genuine, verifiable work-related cases for third-party actions. If you’ve been seriously harmed or made ill in a work-related environment, call our Sacramento personal injury attorneys today. Follow us on Facebook here.

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