Uninsured / Under-insured Claims

Uninsured / Under-insured Claims

Uninsured / Under-Insured Claim Litigation and Uninsured / Under-Insured Motorist Attorney


Our Sacramento personal injury attorneys recognize that most drivers in our community are responsible for carrying automobile insurance. However, as experienced Sacramento accident attorneys, we know all-too-well that countless drivers remain uninsured.  Also, others are underinsured in Sacramento.

In fact, our personal injury attorneys report that nearly 50 percent of California car accidents are caused by drivers lacking sufficient insurance.  in addition, some have no insurance at all. Further, our Sacramento car accident attorneys say that data show such drivers own the most unsafe vehicles on our roadways.

The California Department of Insurance reports that about 33 percent of motorists have no insurance coverage in a car accident. Attorneys add that, in certain pockets of the state, up to 90 percent of drivers have no coverage.

Clearly, our Sacramento personal injury attorney says, there is a real financial risk to responsible drivers in our community. Contact us today


Accident attorneys at our Sacramento personal injury law firm advise drivers to purchase extra coverage. Certainly, this will ensure you are insured in the event an uninsured motorist causes a car accident.

Our lawyers know the amount of uninsured motorist coverage depends upon your personal resources. If feasible, our Sacramento personal injury attorneys recommend $100,000 individual; coverage, and aggregate insurance of $300,000.

The ideal, according to our personal injury attorneys, is to match the amount of liability coverage. Also the uninsured motorists’ insurance. In this way, our Sacramento car accident injury attorneys explain, you and your family are more completely protected.


Personal injury attorneys explain that insurance companies are legally required to offer coverage. This means that, in the event of a Sacramento car accident, injuries plus damages will be covered by insurance.

Uninsured motorist coverage, our car crash injury lawyers say, protects you and others in your car at the time of the Sacramento car crash. A personal injury you receive while in an accident in another driver’s car is also covered.

Finally, our Sacramento personal injury attorneys say, insurance also covers you as a pedestrian who is harmed in a Sacramento car crash.

Personal injury attorneys say that coverage for under-insured car accident injuries kicks in when your uninsured coverage is more than the other driver’s liability coverage for a Sacramento car crash.

Injuries, medical bills, expenses, lost wages, and several other costs may be reclaimed by your Sacramento personal injury attorney. Car accident injuries may be permanent or disabling.  There may be compensation for economic losses, emotional distress, and loss of companionship after a Sacramento car accident injury.


Sacramento personal injury attorneys explain that insurance companies are mandated to issue minimums of coverage for a car accident with injuries and damages up to $30,000 for individuals and $60,000 aggregate.

As our Sacramento personal injury attorneys know, many accidents exceed that minimum of coverage. Consequently, our Sacramento car crash injury attorneys recommend purchasing higher levels of uninsured coverage if possible.


Attorneys know that a good first step after a Sacramento car crash with injuries is to contact our Sacramento accident attorneys. Although motorists involved in a Sacramento car accident with injuries may feel their event is simple, our Sacramento personal injury attorney knows that liability and compensation are complex legal issues. In addition, Sacramento car accident injury lawyers say that time is often crucial to establishing cause and liability for Sacramento car crash injuries.

Attorneys know from experience that witnesses are frequently not reliable and evidence can be destroyed or lost. Furthermore, our Sacramento personal injury attorney also knows that insurance companies are often very challenging.  The average individual looking for restitution after a Sacramento car accident injury needs us. Our attorneys say that promised compensation can be delayed. Also, it can be changed without representation by a Sacramento car accident attorney.

At our Sacramento personal injury law firm, attorneys are exclusively dedicated to liability litigation. Above all, our Sacramento personal injury attorney has decades of experience. We have a robust catalog of success in gaining compensation for victims of Sacramento car crash injuries.

Mosy importantly, our attorneys invite you to contact us for a free consultation. Attorneys at the personal injury law firm of Sette Law Office will work aggressively on your behalf. Follow us on Facebook here.

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