Personal Injury Lawyers Bring Expertise Integrity to Legal Practice

Personal Injury Lawyers Bring Expertise, Integrity to Legal Practice

As a Sacramento personal injury attorney, the local firm of Sette Law Office is well aware of the sometimes unfavorable opinion our profession inspires.

Our accident and personal injury lawyer works hard to counter negative stereotypes, knowing that most personal injury lawyers are dedicated to serving people who, through no fault of their own, have suffered significant losses because of the negligence of others in Sacramento.

Sette Law Office’s personal injury attorney knows that good legal representation is a sanctioned way for the victims of physical and financial harm to, at least partially, recover from events that may have changed the course of their lives.

People who come to us seeking a Sacramento personal injury lawyer are often in pain. They may be dealing with physical injuries, medical bills,s, and emotional stress.

Our accident attorneys provide an avenue for victims to rise from the aftermath and look toward the future. With decades of experience dealing with large insurance companies, their adjusters, and their corporate accident and liability lawyers, our personal injury attorney is able to manage a complex process on behalf of our clients who have suffered a significant personal injury.

Our clients have often told us of the relief they feel when their Sacramento personal injury attorney at Sette Law Office, removes the burden of worry from their shoulders. The court and legal system, our accident lawyers know full well, can be daunting and frightening for the average person.

The gratitude expressed by so many of our personal injury clients, fuels attorney commitment to our chosen profession.

Often, it’s not until a person becomes an accident victim that he or she has any interest in personal injury law. Attorneys at Sette Law Office in Sacramento hope that more information about what we do for people will further understanding of why personal injury lawyers are such an important part of this country’s legal system and help to dispel misunderstandings about what we do for the public we serve.

At Sette Law Office in Sacramento, our personal injury attorney works with clients who have experienced a civil wrong. Among a wide variety of accidents, a civil wrong may include medical malpractice or home, vehicle, industrial and workplace accidents.

Attorneys consider the causes of accidents as well as the results – the pain and loss suffered. In America, citizens have a right to be compensated for pain, medical costs, and future losses suffered because of the negligence of another person or entity. Our Sacramento personal injury attorney acknowledges the legal process of recovery is highly complicated.

After many years of law school and active personal injury practice, lawyers continually encounter new circumstances, unique to our injury clients. Attorneys are challenged to leverage their experience to continually address the needs of individual clients so that we help them recover and move forward.


Our Sacramento personal injury lawyer offers a brief description of some common kinds of cases we frequently handle – but within these categories, our accident attorneys know that no two personal injury clients or cases are alike.

Truck, motorcycle, and car accidents have lawyers very occupied with sifting through details and dealing with insurance companies over liability. Attorneys seek to show their client suffered injuries because of negligence – this would include behaviors such as distracted driving, DUI motorists, reckless driving, or violating traffic laws and causing a personal injury accident. Attorneys help accident victims who suffer enormous financial losses and, often, physical harm that can last a lifetime.

Our Sacramento personal injury lawyer also works on behalf of clients who have been harmed by defective products. Often, this kind of legal action pits an individual against powerful corporate entities with legions of liability attorneys.

In addition, product liability requires lawyers to look at a veritable chain of responsibility – from manufacturer to marketing and sales of products that have caused the personal injury.

Attorneys at Sette Law Office in Sacramento also represent people who have been harmed while in the care of medical professionals – hospitals, doctors, and their representatives who, due to negligence, have inflicted serious personal injury and, sometimes caused a wrongful death.

Our lawyers know medical malpractice cases to be complex and often emotionally charged for the victims of a personal injury or survivors of wrongful death.

Attorneys also encounter liability cases that are more infrequent, such as amusement parks and industrial accidents. Our lawyer says these kinds of personal injury accidents often make headline news – particularly those that happen at amusement parks that host thousands of families on any given day.

More frequently, Sacramento personal injury attorneys represent clients who have been harmed on personal property, constituting premises liability. Lawyers explain this kind of accident can happen anywhere – from private homes to shopping centers and public buildings.

Our accident lawyers, however, emphasize that injuries need to be caused by the negligence of owners, operators, or managers. It’s not enough to, say, slip and fall in the grocery store and claim negligence.

Liability attorneys say that circumstances must show that responsible parties failed to provide a safe environment and were aware of the threat of personal injury.


Without the representation of a Sacramento personal injury lawyer, the average accident victim who has been harmed because of another’s negligence has little chance of recovering his or her losses. Our accident attorneys are only too aware of how complicated it is to deal with a defendant and insurance companies.

The average person has no reason to know the steps of a legal process, their rights of discovery, or the many pitfalls of a personal injury lawsuit.

Attorneys at Sette Law Office in Sacramento, however, manage these legal details on a daily basis and approach an injury victim’s case with confidence. And, as personal injury lawyers, it’s our job to provide clients with solace, information, and confidence in the work that we do on their behalf.

At Sacramento’s Sette Law Office, injury attorneys are in the business of helping people through a process that, without our expertise and guidance, can be intimidating.

We know from the positive feedback our accident attorneys get from personal injury clients, that the work we do serves our community as well as the individuals whose lives we help to mend. As Sacramento accident attorneys we are proud to practice personal injury law.

Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney Disclaimer

This website is for general information only about personal injury attorneys and does not constitute a client/lawyer relationship. If you believe that you are entitled to personal injury compensation, contact Frederick Sette. He is an experienced Sacramento personal injury and car accident attorney who is devoted to protecting victims of personal injury in Fairfield, Modesto, Sacramento, Stockton, Napa and surrounding California cities.

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