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Attorney at personal injury law firm Sette Law Office appreciates and enjoys the recreational pleasures of rivers that grace the county of Sacramento. As our Sacramento accident lawyer, however, we are also aware of the dangers presented by boating accidents that inevitably occur each and every year.

Consequently, our Sacramento accident lawyers say that anyone who enjoys recreation on the American and Sacramento Rivers should know a bit about state and federal laws that govern boating. As a Sacramento personal injury law firm, the attorney at Sette Law Office is well acquainted with the details of boating laws and regulations.


Our Sacramento Personal injury attorney explains that boating is governed by both state and federal laws. The California State Department of Boating and Waterways administers Coast Guard regulations on rivers in Sacramento county.

Our Sacramento accident lawyer says this agency also oversees state laws. But further regulation comes from federal Admiralty/Maritime Laws. Our Sacramento personal injury attorney admits that this jurisdictional overlap can occasionally make boating laws look complicated.

On the high seas and the rivers of Sacramento county, our Sacramento accident attorneys explain that Maritime Law determines the “seaworthiness” of a vessel. This deals with safety factors that can help prevent an accident on the waterways of Sacramento county. Our Sacramento personal injury attorney adds that California boat operators must also take a safety course to be qualified for a boating license.


Federal Maritime Law extends its reach into employee protections for people who work on boats. Sette Law Office in Sacramento understands the many levels of regulations that affect boating safety and accidents. Sacramento lawyers leverage that knowledge to support clients who have suffered a boating accident personal injury.

Attorneys explain that, when it comes to classifying boating accidents, there are several kinds of crafts covered. These boats include private boats, ferries, and cruise ships to personal water-crafts like jet skis. These boats are common on the waterways of Sacramento county. Accident attorneys say that  accidents involving property damage and/or personal injury happen. Accidents on  these crafts the incident is defined as a boating accident. Sacramento accident attorneys say the most common boating accidents involve collisions. However, they may also be slip, and fall, or sinking of a boat in Sacramento county.


Our Sacramento Personal injury attorney reports that the most frequent cause of boating accidents are careless or inexperienced operators and malfunctions that lead to Sacramento county boating accidents. Attorneys at Sette Law Office also know that alcohol has played a role in boating accidents in Sacramento county.

Our Sacramento personal injury attorney is pleased to report that there has been a crack-down on drinking and boating in Sacramento county. Our personal injury lawyer supports this get-tough approach.

If an accident should happen, Sacramento personal injury attorneys remind boaters that they are legally required to file an accident report. File under these circumstances: Loss of life, severe personal injury, property or boat damage, or disappearance of someone onboard.

Our personal injury attorney further explains that specific time limits for filing such reports apply. Sacramento accident lawyers urge boaters to become familiar with these requirements.


Our Sacramento Personal injury attorney knows that Maritime and state laws are complicated. Our Sacramento accident attorney will need to determine if negligence led to the accident. Other information our Sacramento personal injury attorney will want is the exact details and circumstances of the Sacramento accident.

Our attorneys will carefully note the responses of our injured client and then do a thorough investigation of the Sacramento county accident. Lawyers will have to determine if any special legal requirements are associated with the jurisdiction where the event happened.

Further, Sacramento personal injury attorney at Sette Law Office will investigate the status of the boat operator’s insurance. Our accident lawyers know that commercial vessels must be insured.

But private boats might be more problematic in Sacramento county. Our Sacramento personal injury attorney says that some owners buy private vessel insurance.  Others may simply use their home owner’s policy.

Recovering damages for losses incurred in a boating accident, our personal injury attorneys say, can be challenging and usually beyond the scope of most people without extensive legal knowledge. Our Sacramento personal injury attorney has been representing injured clients for more than 26 years.

At Sette Law Office, our Sacramento accident lawyers are committed to making certain clients who have suffered accident injuries are fully compensated for their financial and non-economic losses.


Personal injury attorneys are acutely aware of the threat of personal injury and death in a Sacramento boating accident. Our attorneys find that many people underestimate the dangers of a boating accident on the waterways of Sacramento.

But personal injury attorneys know that each year boating accidents claim lives and cause personal injury to boaters in Sacramento.

Personal injury attorneys explain that accidents happen regardless of the watercraft – from speed boats to ocean cruisers. Our Sacramento accident attorneys are experts in the laws that govern boating –both state and federal Maritime laws cover boating accidents.

Our attorneys say this legal specialty requires knowledge of regulations not common to many other accidents. Thus, attorneys at Sette Law Office have developed expertise in this specific legal niche.

Our Sacramento personal injury attorney helps accident victims recover from the financial damage that’s been done due to a boating accident.

Attorney at Sette Law Office has the experience and knowledge required to prevail in bringing a boating accident to a successful resolution for injured victims in Sacramento. Our personal injury attorney stands ready to respond to your needs. Call us at (916) 869-9125 or use our online form. Follow us on Facebook here.