Personal Injury Attorney Profile



Personal Injury Attorney Profile

Established in 1999

A Dedication to Sacramento and Personal Injury Law

If you or a love one were seriously injured in a car accident, don’t deal with insurance company without a personal injury attorney on your site. In our experience the injured person will “take home” more with an attorney than they will without.


Frederick J. Sette

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Sacramento personal injury attorney Frederick J. Sette, not only brings decades of experience in personal injury law to his profession, but he also has personal knowledge of the Sacramento region that enhances his commitment to his profession and community.

Having graduated from the University of the Pacific and the prestigious McGeorge School of Law, Frederick J. Sette’s home, family, and professional life are aligned with the quality of life in Sacramento where he works diligently to provide exemplary legal representation to Sacramento and nearby clients seeking recovery from the losses of a personal injury.

As a Sacramento attorney focused on the specialized arena of personal injury law, Frederick J. Sette works with people who, in a broad sense, have experienced financial losses due to the negligence of others. For example, his clients include people who have been the victims of a Sacramento car accident injury, been harmed because of a product defect, medical malpractice, or a slip and fall accident, or some other incident in which harm has been done because of the negligence of another person or entity.

To be effective, a Sacramento personal injury attorney must have a broad range of experience with the many variations within this niche of legal practice. People who have suffered personal injuries depend on him to redress harms they have suffered after an accident injury. 

Sacramento attorney Frederick J. Sette knows that clients come to him after suffering physical pain that’s been complicated by often devastating financial losses. As a Sacramento personal injury lawyer, he is committed to supporting clients through the complicated process of recovering economic, and non-economic losses.

After more than two decades of representing clients in Sacramento, personal injury law is second-nature to Frederick J. Sette, a lawyer who has handled car accident injury claims, dog bite injuries, traumatic brain injuries, product liability cases, and many other circumstances that caused personal injury or wrongful death.

Frederick J. Sette points out that, within the extremely broad area of Sacramento personal injury law, there is no single approach to a case resolution. Although there are thousands of Sacramento car accident injuries every year, each event is entirely unique and must be handled as such.

A good Sacramento personal injury attorney will recognize that, just as each client is an individual, so too are the circumstances surrounding the car accident and personal injury.

As an accomplished lawyer, he conducts thorough investigations, listens intently to clients, and is sensitive to the pressures experienced by the people he represents. Respect for his clients and dedication to helping them reach the goal of recovery for personal injury losses are fundamental principles at the Sacramento personal injury law firm Sette Law Office.


After receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of the Pacific, Frederick J. Sette chose to attend McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, studying personal injury law. There, he learned the rigorous disciplines and skills that have helped him build one of Sacramento’s preeminent personal injury law firms.

He graduated with honors in 1994, proud to have benefitted from an excellent education at one of the nation’s top 100 law schools. He is proud to be a McGeorge trained lawyer in Sacramento. He is in good company – Associate Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy was on the faculty of McGeorge Law School, along with numerous state and national elected officials.

One of the school’s strength is its Advocacy curriculum, which is among the top 20 in the nation. Frederick J. Sette leverages this quality training to the benefit of his Sacramento personal injury clients as he serves as their lawyer and advocates for their interests.

With deep appreciation for the quality of his education, personal injury attorney Frederick J. Sette turns his attention to supporting the Pacific Athletic Foundation.

And, as a resident of the Greater Sacramento Valley since 1987, he volunteers his time and talents to the Sweet Dreams Foundation (, a nonprofit that helps improve the quality of life for children with life-threatening diseases. In his free time, Frederick J. Sette enjoys recreational biking and is a member of the International Mountain Biking Association.


The success of the Sette Law Office was not built just on winning high dollar, high profile cases. The foundation was laid using a different approach. The value of a Sacramento car accident injury or a wrongful death case is not the deciding factor on which personal injury clients he works with.

Rather, it is the individual, their personal needs, and the circumstances of their situation that motivates the team at Sette Law Office. At this office, clients can talk directly with their attorney, phone calls are returned, and respect is given to each individual who puts their trust in the Sacramento personal injury law firm Sette Law Office.

The value of a Sacramento car accident injury or a wrongful death case has no relationship to how he works with personal injury clients. It is not the dollars at stake in a claim, but the personal needs of each client that motivates the lawyer at Sette Law Office and his team.

Clients speak directly with their personal injury attorney, phone calls are returned, and respect is given to each individual who puts their trust in the Sacramento personal injury law firm Sette Law Office.


J.D., McGeorge School of Law, 1994
B.A., University of the Pacific, 1991


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