Wave Of California Bike Accidents Underscores Need For Safety

Wave Of California Bike Accidents Underscores Need For Safety

Several high profile bike accidents have made the news lately, with the most recent occurring earlier today in Fresno County’s Climb to Kaiser. The event begins in Clovis, and is 155 miles long, requiring 13,500 feet of climbing. Nicola Grossi of La Mesa was riding downhill near Shaver Lake when reports indicate he lost control of his bike, went off an embankment and ran into a tree.

In another bicycle accident earlier this month, Steve Norrick, a Sonoma State University professor was fatally struck while riding south on Petaluma Hill Road. He was struck from behind by a hit and run driver. Norrick’s death underscores the ongoing debate concerning motorists and cyclists sharing the rode.

The CHP, which tracks accident statistics for the unincorporated areas of Sonoma County, reports about 2,500 motor vehicle accidents every year, from fender-benders to fatalities. So far this year, 17 of those accidents have involved cyclists. If you have been in a bike accident, it’s important to seek the advice of an experienced Sacramento bike accident lawyer right away.

Other recent California bike accidents include:

On May 24, August Bissiri, 85, of Laguna Woods Village in Orange County was struck and killed by a car while riding his bicycle on Highway 1 near Bodega Bay.

On May 31, David Lemuel Standley, 34, of Cotati died after his bike crashed head-on into an SUV in the dark on River Road near Forestville.

More recently, Brian Laurie, 68, of Sonoma, was fatally injured June 21 in Sonoma when he attempted a left turn and was struck by a truck on Eighth Street East south of Denmark Road.

The CHP notes “the first thing you can do to make your time out on the road more enjoyable is to really know how to be a safe, empowered bicycle rider.”

This includes following safety tips such as wearing a helmet.

A helmet is required by law for bike riders under 18, and recommended for all riders.

Further, “the best way cyclists can respond to the recent tragedies is to ride safely and responsibly…One of things which can cause difficulty for motorists and cyclists is when the motorist was simply not expecting to see a bicycle on a piece of road. The more bicyclists you see out there, the more motorists expect to see cyclists.”

The CHP urges both drivers and bike riders to show patience as well as responsibility. Cyclists need to follow the rules of the road.

Likewise, motorists need to understand that [Sonoma] a major destination for cycling events, for amateur and professional cyclists a little patience on the motorists’ part will go a long way. A little impatience can lead to vehicular manslaughter if you’re driving a car.

For more bike safety tips, or if you have been injured in a bike accident, contact a top Sacramento personal injury lawyer at Sette Law Office for an immediate consultation.

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