Stockton Big Rig Trucking Accident Affects Thousands Of Commuters

Stockton Big Rig Trucking Accident Affects Thousands Of Commuters

Earlier this week a Stockton big-rig accident caused havoc for thousands of commuters after an 18-wheeler carrying bales of hay overturned on a ramp, damaging the guardrail connecting Highway 4 and Highway 99.

Although the cause of the accident is unknown, preliminary reports indicate that the trucker was driving too fast on the ramp, which bends and has a posted speed limit of 45 miles per hour.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. However, whenever big rig accidents occur the potential for serious injuries and damage is great. Potential injuries include brain and head injuries, back injuries, wrongful death, cuts and lacerations, as well as severe property damage.

Although in some instances the cause of a truck accident is driver error, in other instances it is a combinations of factors – such as roadway conditions, driver demands and faulty parts that play a role in turning a minor incident into a major accident.

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