Serious Injuries Close Down Spider-Man Performance

Serious Injuries Close Down Spider-Man Performance

After four performers have been injured while working on the Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark,” producers canceled shows to add safety precautions.

The recent accident involved a stunt actor who sustained serious injuries after falling more than 20 feet to a basement below the stage. As a result of the fall, he suffered broken ribs, internal bleeding, as well as other injuries. A spokesman for the show said the accident was due to “human error” but failed to provide any other explanation. 3 other actors have been injured, including a woman who sustained a concussion.

Although the cause of the accidents is still under investigation, many questions are raised regarding liability. These issues are present in many stage productions throughout California involving stunts, as well as an elaborate stage and scenery.

Generally, workers’ compensation covers injuries that occur during the course of employment and the actors are limited to those damages. However where a third party may be responsible – such as a contractor who installed set props – the injured party may sue for negligence.

An experienced personal injury attorney would be able to evaluate the circumstances and determine possible avenues of recovery.

For more information, contact Sette Law Office, dedicated to helping those injured obtain the compensation they deserve.

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