San Mateo Motorcycle Crash Accident Kills One

San Mateo Motorcycle Crash Accident Kills One

San Mateo news reports that a motorcyclist was killed after colliding with a big-rig. Although the cause of the motorcycle accident is unknown, police suggest the truck and motorcycle both swerved to avoid an earlier accident and collided with each other. The truck driver did not stop at the scene.

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Both truck drivers and motorcyclists face special considerations on the road. Due to the sheer size of an eighteen-wheeler, when trucks collide with another vehicle, the results are often tragic. Further, it takes longer and more space for trucks to maneuver. When an unforeseen obstacle – such as an accident – forces a truck to adjust, the truck driver and other motorists on the road need to allow enough space and time to make these critical adjustments.

On the other hand motorcyclists face great dangers. Because they may be difficult to see, when they adjust their paths other drivers may not see them or anticipate their quick moves. Even protective clothing and helmets may not be enough to stave off serious harm in a collision with a car or big rig.

All motorists need to be aware of each other and do their best to avoid distraction.

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