San Francisco Muni Bus Accident Kills Bicyclist

San Francisco Muni Bus Accident Kills Bicyclist

San Francisco news reports that a bicyclist was struck and killed by a Muni bus Friday morning. Sources indicate that that the bus struck the man in a busy intersection near San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood. The bicyclist was declared dead at the scene.The accident remains under investigation. “It’s unknown at this point the dynamics of the collision,” stated a police spokesman. The bus driver, who has about 10 years of experience, was cooperative after the crash and was directed to take a toxicology test per agency protocol, according to Muni officials. He also is prohibited from being behind the wheel of a Muni bus until an investigation of the collision is completed.

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This incident was the second fatal accident involving a bicyclist and a city bus since 2010.

Earlier this year, another bicyclist was killed at Sixth and Folsom streets when a big rig took a right turn and struck her. Footage recovered by the San Francisco bike coalition was critical to that case, and provided evidenced that the driver took a right turn from an “improper position” in violation of California Vehicle Code. Here it is unknown just what happened and what factors were at play in causing the accident.

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