Sacramento Accident Attorneys Support Pedestrian Safety

Sacramento Accident Attorneys Support Pedestrian Safety

Sacramento accident lawyer at Sette Law Office knows that people in our county enjoy walking – our parks, shaded streets and nearby shopping centers encourage pedestrian traffic. At the same time, our injury lawyer knows that pedestrians must be vigilant to protect their physical safety.

Our personal injury attorney looks ahead to the summer months and offer the following information to protect people who choose to walk the streets of Sacramento . Our accident attorney was alerted to the dangers faced by pedestrians in April when a young man was killed by a motorist who was subsequently arrest on DUI charges, among others. Nationally, there is an alarming number of pedestrian accidents. Our injury attorney hopes these numbers serve to caution walkers of the dangers they may encounter while walking in Sacramento .

Our accident attorneys checked with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to assess the national picture. The Center reports that in 2012, one pedestrian was killed every two hours of the day and injured every seven minutes in an accident. Our lawyers were also alarmed to learn that this accident risk is greater than that for people riding in cars – 1.5 times greater! We are also aware that walkers face particular challenges in the County of Sacramento . Accident lawyers read with interest the analysis of traffic experts who said that much of our region was constructed for motorist convenience, and are not friendly to pedestrians in Sacramento .


Wide streets that characterize much of our city and suburbs present an environment that are prime for accidents. Personal injury attorneys also note that traffic often moves at and past speed limits on these wide roadways, increasing the dangers of a Sacramento pedestrian accident.

Lawyers point out that the CDC has identified two of the most vulnerable populations of pedestrians and our personal injury attorney believes these national figures likely apply to Sacramento pedestrian accidents – attorneys report the CDC says it’s children and older adults who face the greatest risk of death or serious injury. Our accident lawyers quote the CDC’s 2012 survey showing that 20 percent of pedestrian accidents and deaths involved people 65 and older. Our Sacramento personal injury attorney says that locally this may be due to the width of some streets and the speed of traffic. In addition, our Sacramento accident lawyer has had personal experiences with watching individuals with walkers and canes who are unable to move quickly across intersections.

Children are the second at-risk group. Of course, our Sacramento accident attorneys dread the news of another child being a casualty of a traffic accident. Lawyers report the CDC found that pedestrians between the age of five and 15 accounted for one in five deaths due to traffic accidents. Wrongful death attorneys believe these high figures call for increased awareness and attention to pedestrian safety.

Yet another risk, according to Sacramento accident lawyers, is alcohol consumption for both drivers as well as pedestrians. The CDC reported that 48 percent of deadly traffic accidents involved alcohol use with 34% of inebriated pedestrians killed and 14% of DUI drivers. Sacramento wrongful death attorneys say similar comparisons probably apply to Sacramento accidents.


Accident lawyers at Sette Law Office dread the news of any pedestrian accident – we know that the walker almost always receives the most severe injuries. After all, a car doesn’t have to be traveling fast to harm or kill a pedestrian – Our Sacramento personal injury attorney knows of 10 mph accidents that have left pedestrians disabled for life.

However, due to our extensive experience as a personal injury attorney, we also know that fault is not always clear in a pedestrian verses vehicle accident. Our lawyers explain that the matter of ‘fault’ is related to legal negligence. This means that someone, walker and/or driver, failed to show a reasonable standard of care, according to Sacramento accident lawyers. For example a driver speeding through an intersection and hitting a pedestrian would show this lack of care. But, our Sacramento accident lawyer points out – so would a pedestrian who darts out into traffic from between parked cars.

In California, when a pedestrian is injured in an accident, attorneys will seek to establish a clear agreement about what percentage of liability the pedestrian bears, if any. This figure will help to determine the compensation amount the plaintiff’s Sacramento personal injury lawyer will request from the court.


Injury attorney at Sette Law Office knows that most pedestrian accidents happen in urban areas. According to the National Safety Council, about 85% of non-fatal pedestrian accidents in the nation happen in city environments. Speeds on some urban and suburban streets may contribute to these numbers, according to accident attorneys, but other conditions also threaten pedestrians. And, Sacramento personal injury lawyers say that drivers bear a lot of responsibility.

For example, our injury lawyer says it’s not just people walking on roadways that bear watching – it’s bicyclists, people in wheelchairs and using walkers, rollerbladers and others who may suddenly appear. Sacramento accident lawyers know that motorists might think that shouldering so much responsibility for pedestrians isn’t totally fair. But, our personal injury attorney reminds drivers that pedestrians are at highest risk of serious and debilitating injury or death in a vehicle verses car accident. Our lawyers know that no driver wants to bear the burden of knowing he or she caused someone pain and hardship. Our Sacramento accident attorney believes that most drivers accept the responsibility of heightened vigilance, given the power of being behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

Like much in the practice of law, our Sacramento accident attorney know that pedestrian claims of personal injury are not always as ‘straight-forward’ as they might seem. Determining liability is often an issue in court with personal injury attorneys presenting evidence to minimize their client’s contribution to the Sacramento accident. A lawyer representing an injured pedestrian has a responsibility to seek recovery for his or her client’s financial losses, but may also have to deal with any alleged role the client may have had in the accident.

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