Protecting Against Brain Injury In Sacramento

Protecting Against Brain Injury In Sacramento

Personal injury lawyers at Sette Law Office are extremely aware of the devastating damage done to lives due to traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Sacramento . Our personal injury attorney is particularly concerned when a head injury affects a child – who may deal with its results for a lifetime. Consequently, our Sacramento head injury lawyer urges parents, teachers and coaches to be educated about TBI and how to prevent accidents.

TBI can happen to anyone who experiences a significant blow to the head or penetration from a weapon. Sette Law Office’s Sacramento personal injury attorney explains that such injuries can interfere with normal brain function and also cause symptoms that dramatically disrupt life. The effects might at first seem mild – with dizziness, imbalance or nausea – or severe, with unconsciousness, coma or an inability to live a normal life in Sacramento . Our head injury lawyer notes that TBI can occur because of an accident or due to a crime. Of course, members of our armed forces are also at risk. But, no matter the cause, the results can be lifelong and costly for victims in Sacramento .


Many serious brain injuries could be prevented with some basic precautions adopted by families in Sacramento . Head injury lawyers know that children are particularly vulnerable when riding in cars. Seatbelts are a must for kids, who should ride in the backseat of the car in an appropriate safety seat, no matter how short the drive in Sacramento . Our personal injury lawyer also emphasizes that children should wear helmets when riding bikes and skateboards, and when playing sports in Sacramento . Personal injury attorneys now handle an increasing number of TBI cases related to head injuries in a variety of sports in Sacramento . Our personal injury lawyer knows that football, baseball, basketball, soccer and even cheer teams pose a threat to youngsters in Sacramento . Head injury lawyers know that young brains can suffer severe, lifelong damage while engaged in recreational and competitive activities.

The other end of the age spectrum is also at risk in Sacramento . Our personal injury attorney says that older adults should be conscious of some risks that often accompany advanced age. For example, balance can be effected, vision may be diminished and medications could cause dizziness. Our Sacramento head injury attorney observes that elder victims may be less able to heal quickly, even from accidents that, at first, appear minor. For example, falls can be very dangerous to elders in Sacramento . Personal injury attorney at Sette Law Office suggest households take precautions such as removing area rugs, installing handrails in bathrooms, using mats in showers and baths, and minimizing clutter.

As Sacramento head injury lawyers, we educate ourselves about prevention and safety. We agree with the National Institute of Health who says “Falls don’t just happen” because people get older in Sacramento . As personal injury attorney we support the NIH view that strength training and exercise can dramatically reduce falls for older residents in Sacramento .

Head injury attorney at Sette Law Office urges families to adopt safety measures. Simple modifications to daily living for our aging population and protective safety gear for our youngest residents can help keep people healthy in Sacramento . Head injury lawyer in our firm hopes to see far fewer clients in this particular niche of personal injury law in Sacramento .

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