Prevent Serious Motorcycle Accidents With Proper Safety

Prevent Serious Motorcycle Accidents With Proper Safety

May marks the beginning of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (“NHTSA”) “Motorcycle Safety Awareness” month, a national effort to increase motorcycle safety and awareness.

The good news is that in Sacramento and throughout California, motorcycle fatalities are way down. In fact, deaths from motorcycle accidents are projected to be down by as much as 29%. Experts cite factors such as improved safety by all motorcycle riders and fewer new riders due to reduced disposable income.

A few safety tips motorcyclists should remember include:

  • Wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet can lessen the impact of an accident and protect against brain injuries.
  • Take a class to learn how to ride the motorcycle properly – this includes learning about proper breaking, understanding hazards and riding in bad weather.
  • Wear protective and visible clothing – Being visible to other vehicles can lessen the chance of collisions.

Drivers should also try to become more aware of motorcyclists on the road.

Some tips for drivers include:

  • Allow motorcyclists a full lane of travel.
  • Anticipate motorcyclist’s actions and allow them enough room to maneuver.
  • Understand that roadways contain more hazards for motorcycles than cars.

As a California motorcycle accident attorney, I’ve seen far too many serious motorcycle accidents. With improved safety awareness on the part of motorcyclists and drivers I’m hopeful the trend of decreased motorcycle fatalities and injuries will continue.

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