Pick-Up Truck Accident Leaves One Dead, 5 Injured

Pick-Up Truck Accident Leaves One Dead, 5 Injured

A tragic San Mateo County accident this past Thursday left one man dead, two seriously injured and three others hurt. The truck accident occurred when a pickup truck flipped over and rolled down a hill. The victims – all workers – were passengers, with some riding in the bed of the pick-up and others in the cab. The workers had contracted with the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District to do weed abatement in the Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve in San Mateo County.

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Here it is unknown who was driving the car and the company working on weed control. These issues may become important in determining fault. The accident occurred while the truck was “off-road,” about 1.5 miles off of the nearest paved road. The trail the vehicle was on was unmaintained – slick and muddy due to recent rains. When the truck tried to climb the steep grassy hill, it rolled over, tossing the occupants into remote terrain.

As one California Highway Patrol officer noted, while laws prohibiting passengers in pickups don’t apply off-road, “It is certainly unadvisable.”

When a serious accident such as this occurs several issues are raised including what, if anything, could have been done to prevent such a tragic outcome.

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