Oakdale Pedestrian Accidents On The Rise

Oakdale Pedestrian Accidents On The Rise

Oakdale news reports an alarming statistic. A 40-year-old woman crossing Highway 108 this week was the 17th pedestrian, bicyclist or skateboarder to be hit by a car or truck in Oakdale in a year.

The Oakdale pedestrian accidents have resulted in one fatality and numerous serious injuries. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, it is important to contact an experienced California personal injury lawyer immediately. Often the full impact of a personal injury isn’t known until days, weeks or even months following an accident. It is important to speak to someone right away to preserve evidence and your rights.

As a result of the excessive number of accidents, Oakdale police are beginning to crack down – ticketing drivers who don’t stop for people in the crosswalk and people who walk in front of cars before it is safe to cross.

“Distraction” is the number one reason cited for accidents, including drivers and pedestrians texting, eating, and putting on make-up.

Although most of the injuries have been minor, one death occurred after an intoxicated man was hit by a car while crossing Hwy. 108 at night, and a boy was seriously injured when he was run over by a car driving at slow speeds. The 40-year-old woman was crossing the highway during heavy traffic and was struck by a car.

Both pedestrians and motorists need to do more to be aware of their surroundings when in traffic. Although texting and cell-phone use is typically the largest distraction, any activity that takes your eyes off the road and diverts your attention may lead to a serious accident.

For more information, or if you have been in a pedestrian or car accident, please contact the Sacramento personal injury lawyer at Sette Law Office, dedicated to helping California’s injured for more than 26 years.

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