Motorcycles, A Pleasure and A Peril in Sacramento

Motorcycles, A Pleasure and A Peril in Sacramento

Motorcycle accident lawyers are keenly aware of the dangers to motorcycle riders in Sacramento . Personal injury attorney here also understands why motorcycle riding is so popular in the region – warm weather, relatively dry roads and scenic rides are inviting! But pleasurable as it may be, motorcycle riders face serious dangers on the roadways of Sacramento .

Motorcycle accident lawyers cite data from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) that shows an increase a 175 percent in motorcycle deaths from 1998 to 2008. The National Transportation Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that in 2012 motorcycle riders were at a 26 percent greater risk of death (per miles traveled) than were the occupants of a car. Sacramento motorcycle injury lawyers know that blame in motorcycle accidents often falls to the bike rider when, in fact, vehicle drivers may be at fault.

The top causes of motorcycle accidents, according to OTS, are unsafe speed, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and improper turning. Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer at Sette Law Office say these dangerous practices apply to cars as well as to Sacramento motorcycles. Personal injury lawyers carefully examine the circumstances and conditions of all accidents to prevent an injustice to innocent parties. However, Sacramento personal injury lawyers acknowledge the risk of injury or death is substantially higher for a bike rider than for a vehicle driver. NHTSA data show 13.10 cars out of 100,000 vehicles were involved in fatal crashes in 2006. Nationwide, deaths in Motorcycle crashes per 100,000 was a whopping 72.34 percent – similar ratios likely apply to Sacramento .


Motorcycle accident lawyers see the often tragic results of crashes. The California Highway Patrol sponsors an effective California Motorcyclist Safety Program that helps riders avoid and prevent accidents. The CHP has these training sites throughout the state and in Sacramento . Motorcycle accident lawyers strongly support this important public program. Completing the program not only sharpens riding skills but also gets the graduate a DMV certificate that waves the required riding skills test at the DMV in Sacramento .

Personal injury attorneys say Motorcycle accidents often involve older riders according to NTHSA data. In 2011 56 percent of fatalities on motorcycles were over the age of 40 nationwide. And, Sacramento personal injury attorneys add that injuries to these older riders were more severe. A Brown University study attributed this data to older riders possibly having slower reactions and less acute vision than younger riders. Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyers also know that mature riders tend to favor larger bikes that more easily roll over in Sacramento motorcycle accidents. Lawyers, however, are aware that riders of “Super Sport bikes” have higher four-times-higher risk of injury and death than those on other styles.

Sette Law Office’s Sacramento personal injury attorney urges motorcycle riders to educate themselves and protect themselves so that they safely enjoy the highways and byways of Sacramento . Our motorcycle accident lawyers understand and share the thrill of riding the open roads. And we also embrace the importance of heightened safety awareness for Sacramento motorcycle riders.

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