High Number Of Injuries Prompts Novato To Close Playgrounds

High Number Of Injuries Prompts Novato To Close Playgrounds

According to KGO-TV San Francisco, Novato school officials have closed playgrounds at three schools after reports of several children suffering bad falls. At least six kids have sustained broken bones in less than 3 weeks after falling off the newly renovated structures. Numerous other children have suffered minor injuries.

The cause of the accidents is still under investigation. Officials speculate that either the features on the playground are too high, the playgrounds are too crowded, or that those supervising the playground lacked proper training to assist the children.

Each of these possibilities carries with it potentially different defendants and causes of fault. Depending on the source of the danger, the school, the manufacturer of the playground equipment, or the contractor who installed the equipment, could be held liable for the children’s injuries.

Fortunately these playgrounds have been closed before additional – and perhaps more severe – injuries occur.

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