Family Of Castro Valley Man Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit As The Result Of Salmonella Poisoning

Family Of Castro Valley Man Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit As The Result Of Salmonella Poisoning

The son of a Castro Valley man has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Alameda County after his father died after eating salmonella tainted eggs. The personal injury lawsuit has been filed against both the farm that produced the eggs and the restaurant that served them.

A wrongful death lawsuit is similar to a personal injury lawsuit, but arises when an individual dies as the result of another person’s or entity’s negligent, careless, intentional or reckless conduct. Rather than the injured individual bringing the lawsuit, a wrongful death action is filed on behalf of the surviving family members and seeks compensation for losses such as medical expenses, emotional distress and lost future wages.

Wrongful death actions may arise in any situation, but some common causes include:

  • Road accidents (such as car accidents or motorcycle accidents)
  • Medical malpractice
  • Work place accidents
  • Bicycle accidents

If you have lost a loved one, it’s critical to consult with a Sacramento wrongful death attorney right away to discuss your situation and determine whether it may be possible to bring a wrongful death lawsuit. Although filing a lawsuit after the death of a loved one may be the furthest thing from your mind, it is important to protect your future. Receiving financial compensation for the wrongful death of a family member can assure that the wife, husband, children or other family members reestablish their sense of financial security. And while it doesn’t heal the grief, financial security does at least help people to focus on coping with the grief and adapting to the inevitable changes that follow a sudden death in the family.

In this instance, the son a Mate Marlais has sued Wright County Egg and El Rancho Steakhouse after he ate eggs prepared “over-easy” at the steak house. Shortly thereafter, he suffered from extreme diarrhea was the result of salmonella poisoning. He was taken to the hospital in the state of shock, and was placed on life support. He died after the family decided to take him off of life support. Marlais was not the only one affected. Sources indicate that 266 California resident and nearly 1300 people across the country had to be hospitalized as the result of eating contaminated eggs from the Galt County, Iowa egg farm.

The lawsuit claims negligence on behalf of the egg farm and the steak house, alleging that both companies were responsible. A person, a company or a governmental entity may be found “negligent” where a failure to take reasonable care leads to the foreseeable harm of another. For example, the lawsuit alleges that the egg company was negligent in distributing and selling the contaminated eggs (i.e. by failing to make sure the eggs were good, Marlais was injured and died) and the steakhouse was negligent in failing to ensure that the eggs were not contaminated. Representatives of the family state, “Mate’s death was entirely preventable.”

Wrongful death and negligence lawsuits can arise in virtually any situation where an individual is harmed due to the wrongful actions of another. If you believe a loved one has suffered a wrongful death, or any a serious personal injury, it’s important to speak to a dedicated Sacramento personal injury lawyer right away.

For more information, contact an experienced Sacramento personal injury lawyer at Sette Law Office for an immediate consultation.

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