Construction Site Accident At Levi Stadium Raises Questions Of Liability

Construction Site Accident At Levi Stadium Raises Questions Of Liability

The recent fatal accident at 49ers Levi Stadium construction site raises several issues of liability. According to reports, a delivery truck driver was killed while unloading materials at the Santa Clara work site. The incident is under investigation by CAL/OSHA who will make a decision within the next few months whether any fines may be warranted.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a construction or workplace accident, it is critical you contact a knowledgeable Sacramento personal injury attorney right away. An experience accident attorney can begin an investigation into all of the factors that may have led to the incident, and help you recover all the damages you deserve.

Typically, workers compensation laws cover work-place accidents. California worker’s compensation provides for recovery from your employer for injuries at work regardless of fault. However, these payments often are too low to cover all costs related to the personal injury, especially in the case of a wrongful death. As a result, it is often wise to explore the possibility of bringing a civil lawsuit. While you may not be able to bring a civil lawsuit when you’re injured at work, in certain situations you can such as where another party, other than the employer, may be held responsible for the personal injury. Examples of a third party include the manufacturer of an equipment or tool that has caused injuries to the worker, another contractor, or the owner of an unsafe premise where the injured person worked.

Here, the factors behind the accident are unknown.

A statement from the general contractor provides, “This morning at 6:30 AM, a material delivery truck driver was severely injured while materials were being unloaded from his truck…We are deeply saddened to confirm that the driver has passed away as a result of his injuries. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this very difficult time.”

For more information about work-related accidents or if you or a loved one has been injured in a construction site accident, please contact the experienced Sacramento personal injury lawyer at Sette Law Office for an immediate consultation.

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