Ceres Pedestrian Accidents Kill One And Injure Six

Ceres Pedestrian Accidents Kill One And Injure Six

This week has been particularly traumatic for one Central Valley community. One day after a horrific Ceres pedestrian accident killed a teenager and injured four students on their way to Mae Hensley Junior High, another Ceres car accident hit two boys walking to Central Valley High School.

In the other pedestrian accident, four boys were crossing the street when a man driving a Buick turned right, bumping into two of the boys. Fortunately, the boys did not sustain serious injuries.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian or car accident, an experienced California personal injury attorney can help.

Here, many factors could affect who or what is determined to be at fault and subsequently, who must pay for injuries that result from an accident. California is a comparative fault state, which means that in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit damages are paid based on the amount each person or entity is responsible. Although some causes may be obvious – such a failing to stop at a stop sign or light – more subtle issues may also be involved, such as roadway conditions and vehicle functioning. Several layers of responsibility may exist in any particular case.

A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer will begin an investigation into all the possible causes of an accident and work to ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve.

For more information, or if you or a loved one has been harmed due to another’s negligence, contact the dedicated Sacramento injury lawyer at Sette Law Office.

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