California Trucking Accidents Result In Hundreds Of Deaths Each Year

California Trucking Accidents Result In Hundreds Of Deaths Each Year

In anticipation of increased traffic over Memorial Day weekend – and the possibly of trucking accidents in Sacramento and throughout California, professional drivers demonstrated on Thursday the dangers of driving too close to trucks. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) calculated that roughly half of the 7,262 trucking collisions were caused by the actions of car drivers.

California Highway Patrol officers discussed ways both car and truck drivers can safely share the road. The CHP emphasized the need for car drivers to be aware of the large blind spots encountered by truckers. Other tips include providing trucks sufficient room to maneuver – often collisions occur when cars make abrupt lane changes without anticipating the amount of time and space required for trucks to adjust their path of travel accordingly. Further, cars should avoid following a truck too closely – accidents may occur when a truck turns or stops with little warning. For their part, truckers need to be aware of cars and limit their distractions.

In the event an accident does occur, it’s a good idea to be prepared. Tips include ensuring your car, truck or even motorcycle has a first-aid kit, blankets, flares along with other post-accident necessities.

As a California personal injury attorney representing victims of all types of motor vehicle accidents, I am hopeful that following these safety tips will decrease the number of California truck accidents resulting in serious personal injuries and fatalities.

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