California Pedestrian Accidents Dramatically Increase On Halloween

California Pedestrian Accidents Dramatically Increase On Halloween

“Be careful on Halloween,” warns a local insurance company, and for good reason. According to the Sacramento Business Journal, the number of pedestrian/motorist collisions skyrockets by some 25% on Halloween compared to the rest of October.

Both youthful and adult trick-or-treaters are advised to be alert and watch for dangers while crossing roads and to be careful while texting and walking. Often accidents occur even when pedestrians have the right of way. Distracted drivers may not see pedestrians in crosswalks until its too late. Likewise, if pedestrians are distracted by texting or music, they may step into the path of on-coming traffic, leaving drivers little time to react.

Regardless of fault, when collisions occur between pedestrians and cars, serious injuries can result, including head, spinal cord and brain injuries, and in some cases, wrongful death.

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