California Law: Dog Bites and Owner Liability

California Law: Dog Bites and Owner Liability

Experiencing a dog bite attack can be a very traumatic experience, oftentimes resulting in serious personal injury. California law used to mandate that the owner of the dog have notice of the dog’s propensity to bite. No longer as California law did away with the “One Bite Rule”. Now, if you are bitten by a dog the owner of that dog is responsible for your personal injuries regardless of the dog’s history. It may very well be the first time that dog has ever bitten someone. That fact no longer matters as the owner is still liable for your damages.

A complexity I often see is when the owner of the dog rents the house in which they reside. This is a problem in that a renter will either a) not have insurance or b) have insurance that doesn’t cover this type of incident. There are numerous elements that need to be established to hold a landlord liable for the acts of the tenant’s dog in a bite situation.

Regardless, the assistance of an attorney is beneficial in both situations to preserve evidence of the attack, determine the coverage applicable to the owner of the dog, and to make sure you get proper compensation for your damages when you are bitten by a dog.

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