California Insurance Sponsored Initiative Defeated

California Insurance Sponsored Initiative Defeated

Earlier this week Proposition 17 – California’s industry-sponsored voter initiative – was defeated. According to the Sacramento Bee, Mercury Insurance Company spent about $16 million supporting the measure. Opponents called the measure deceptive and an attempt by Mercury to grab more power.

Under current law, all California drivers must carry car insurance to cover themselves and to cover who ever else may drive their car. All drivers are required to maintain evidence of insurance in the car.

Proposition 17 promised lower premiums and discounts to customers who switched from one insurer to another. What it didn’t advertise was that had Proposition 17 passed, those insureds whose policies has lapsed for any reason would face significant policy increases.

As a California personal injury attorney, I am thankful this Proposition did not pass. We need to make it easier for California families to purchase affordable insurance so that the victims of car accidents and their loved ones can obtain the compensation they deserve.

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