California Family Sues Disney For Burn Injuries

California Family Sues Disney For Burn Injuries

A lawsuit has been filed in a California District Court as the result of burn injuries a young boy received from hot nacho cheese that spilled on his chest while visiting Disney World.

He was immediately treated for his burns at an Orlando-area hospital, and is still receiving treatment for those injuries nearly a year later.

If you have suffered a burn injury, or other serious personal injury, an experienced Sacramento personal injury attorney can advise you regarding your next steps.

Here, the parents allege that the restaurant that served the food failed to adequately warn consumers regarding the temperature of the food and the potential for danger. The lawsuit alleges a “failure to regulate and monitor the temperature of the nacho cheese which was being served to young children.”

Where someone is injured on the property of another – whether at someone’s home, at a concert, or at an amusement park – they may be responsible for the existence of unreasonably dangerous conditions and the failure to adequately warn of potential dangers.

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