California Bound Amtrak Train Accident Kills 5, Injures Dozens

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A truck carrying gravel slammed into a California bound Amtrak train Friday morning, killing five and injuring at least a dozen. The Amtrak train accident occurred about 70 miles east of Reno at the crossing of U.S. 95. The collision created massive flames and smoke, making recovery difficult.

Among the victims are the truck driver and a train passenger. At least 18 to 20 people were transported to area hospitals for treatment of serious injuries such as brain and head injuries.

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The investigation in this case is still under way. Initial reports indicate that the gates and lights on the tracks were flashing. The truck tried to slow down but could not. ABC news notes that collisions at rail crossings are not uncommon … a train in the U.S. collides with a person or vehicle nearly every three hours.

Many factors could have played a role in this train/ truck accident, requiring an in-depth investigation. Issues include possible truck driver error, mechanical or brake failure, train or truck speed, and whether the train crossings were functioning properly.

In 2010, more than 2,000 collisions occurred between vehicles and trains at railroad crossings.

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