Assessing Liability in Sacramento Bicycle Accidents

Assessing Liability in Sacramento Bicycle Accidents

Attorneys at Sette Law Office know that local residents have been encouraged to use bicycles as transportation to work and school in Sacramento . Personal injury attorney at Sette Law Office are concerned that adequate safety efforts and education are not keeping up with bicycle use in Sacramento . Bicycle accidents are all too common in the community, sometimes resulting in serious injury and death. Our Sacramento personal injury attorneys advise motorists and bicycle riders to increase their awareness of rules of the road as well as common sense strategies for safety on streets in Sacramento . Bicycle accidents, our lawyers point out, often include legal issues similar to those relevant in car accidents. But, unlike drivers in automobiles, bicyclists are largely unprotected and extremely vulnerable to personal injury.

Our Sacramento bicycle accidents lawyers have created a list of safety tips for riders including the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle. Accident attorneys at Sette Law Office estimate that 10 to 15 percent of Sacramento bicycle accidents involve brain injuries. Safety experts say that a helmet could prevent up to 88 percent of those brain injuries. Sacramento bicycle accident lawyers believe this is a compelling reason for bicycle riders to consistently wear protective helmets.

Bicycle accidents might also be prevented if both bike riders and motorists obeyed the rules of the road in Sacramento . Personal injury attorneys deal with bicycle accidents in which dangerous driving and negligence on the part of both parties – drivers and riders – contribute to accidents on the streets of Sacramento . Our bicycle accident lawyers say that good judgment and common courtesy are fundamental to traffic safety. But, when these simple principles are abandoned, bicycle riders often pay the biggest personal price in Sacramento .

Bicycle Accidents & Injury
Lawyers look at liability in accidents involving bicycles. Was the accident caused by driver negligence or reckless driving? Or, was the bicyclist riding in an unsafe manner on a street in Sacramento ? Personal injury lawyer at Sette Law Office also look at all circumstances contributing to a Sacramento bicycle accident. Attorneys examine road, weather and traffic conditions, for example. Also, we determine if alcohol or drugs influenced the people involved in the incident?

Motorists & Liability for Bicycle Accidents
Sacramento personal injury attorneys look at the principle of “duty of care” when assessing driver negligence. If a motorist had demonstrated in any way, a lack of care for the safety of others on the road – like ignoring a stop sign or driving at excessive speed – our Sacramento bicycle accident attorney would have an indication of liability. Evidence of this kind of negligence sometimes comes from witnesses to a Sacramento bicycle accident. Our lawyers also check to see of the motorist got any traffic violations near the time of the accident. If he/she was cited for speeding, for example, the citation would be evidence of negligence in the Sacramento bicycle accident.

Lawyers Look at Bicyclist Liability
Bike riders may also contribute to accidents in which they are injured (or cause injury to someone else) in Sacramento . Personal injury lawyers look at the rider’s behavior – was the rider obeying the rules of the road or was he riding against car traffic on a one-way street, swerving into traffic or ignoring stop signs prior to the Sacramento bicycle accident. Lawyers work to collect crucial evidence to establish all facts that contributed to a Sacramento bicycle accident so that injured parties may claim fair compensation for injuries suffered.

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