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Keeping Kids Safe on the Streets of Auburn

Personal Injury attorney at Sette Law Office starts out this school year with a blog that highlights safety tips and traffic laws for drivers in Auburn . Car accident injuries are a perennial concern, but an accident involves a child, it seems the safety stakes are raised. As Auburn specialists in personal injury law our attorneys must be well versed in California traffic safety laws. However, we understand that even the best drivers may benefit for a refresher course that can prevent Auburn car crash injury.

Since our legal practice deals with traffic laws on an almost daily basis we know that many Auburn car crash accident injuries are preventable. Many would not have been inflicted in drivers had been following the letter of the law for motorists throughout California and in Auburn .

Our personal injury attorney will begin this brief safety summary by reminding parents (and others transporting children) that child car seats are essential. State law requires that “all children must ride in a car seat or booster seat until they are at least 8 years old or 4 feet 9 inches tall, according to our Auburn personal injury attorney. Car crash statistics support the effectiveness of child car seats in preventing car crash injury. Auburn parents seem to have fully adopted this safety law to protect young children in their care. Furthermore, children younger than eight must ride in the back seat and wear a seat belt, whether on a long trip or a short drive along the streets of Auburn .

A car crash injury is particularly devastating for youngsters, according to our Auburn personal injury law attorney. Their bodies and brains are still developing, increasing the long term effects of any personal injury in from a car accident in Auburn . Personal injury attorneys say there are a few exceptions to the latter statute regarding kids under the age of eight including the lack of a rear seat or different seat configuration, non-working seat belts, a medical reason or rear seats being occupied by children under the age of eight. However, a Auburn car crash injury is likely to be more severe for anyone, particularly a child, riding in a front seat. It’s also important that kids in front seats be protected from potential harm from an air bag. Auburn personal injury attorneys remind drivers that most newer cars may have airbag technology to automatically prevent inflation, or can be manually shut off.

Increasingly, Auburn car crash injury can be traced to distracted driving involving cell phone use. Auburn personal injury attorneys recall a devastating 2015 accident that claimed the life of a young father and seriously injured his 8-year-old son as they rode their bicycles – inside a bike lane. The driver of the car reportedly was texting and caused the deadly Auburn car crash. Like parents throughout our Auburn , personal injury attorney at Sette Law Office wants to feel safe with their children on local roads, whether driving or riding a bike. State law requires cell phone use for calls to be hands-free – though our accident lawyers say there is debate about even the voice distraction. Texting, Auburn accident attorneys add, is completely prohibited by law. That means no “reading, writing or sending” of text messages on instant messaging or via email. If drivers fully comply with these rules in Auburn , car crash injury, our personal injury attorney says, would almost certainly be diminished.

Of course, there are fines and penalties for violations. And, although the fines are somewhat modest ($20 to $50), our Auburn personal injury attorney says the amount could more than triple with repeated offenses. However we frame the importance of obeying cell phone and hand held device restriction, it’s clear that drivers must never risk the life of a child in Auburn .

Car crash injury is also a threat to young drivers. Our Auburn injury attorney knows that the most at-risk drivers are between the ages of 16 and the mid-20s. With little driving experience and still developing brains, teens are primed for a Auburn car crash. Injury to teens also carries very high risk and, consequently, there are additional statues applying to drivers under the age of 18. Our Auburn personal injury law attorney applauds state regulators for recognizing these dangers and prohibiting these young drivers from any use of an electronic device (phone, laptop, etc.) while driving. To further prevent Auburn car crash injuries the law specifies that under-18 teens cannot even use hands-free devices. As incidents of Auburn car crash injury due to distracted rises, it’s excellent that this common sense law was implemented.

Over the past decade there has been increased attention to the risks of teen driving. Nationally and in Auburn , car crash injuries have inspired new laws that establish parameters for teen drivers, such as Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL), according to Auburn personal injury law attorneys. Gone are the days of driving with a permit and quickly jumping to a full-fledged license. There are now time requirements for driving with a permit, and age and training requirements. Our Auburn personal injury attorney agrees these precautions will serve to protect teens and others from Auburn car accident injuries.

There are other state laws that protect youngsters who are passengers in vehicles in Auburn . Although car crash injuries aren’t a threat, state law deems it illegal to leave a young child (six or under) inside a car and unattended when the weather is hot or if a car is running. Auburn personal injury law attorneys painfully recall the handful of tragic incidents that happened in our community when children died because forgetful or neglectful parents locked them inside a car in Auburn .

Car crash injury is also not present when adults smoke in a vehicle when a child is present. But medical science shows that exposure to tobacco smoke can and does inflict injury. Personal injury attorneys say that the act of smoking in a vehicle in which children are riding won’t get a driver pulled over. But if stopped for another infraction and penalty for smoking can be added to the traffic fine.



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