5 Former NFL Players File New Brain Injury Lawsuit

5 Former NFL Players File New Brain Injury Lawsuit

A new brain injury lawsuit has just been filed by 5 former Kansas City Chiefs players. The negligence lawsuit was filed by players who were on the team between 1987 and 1993, a time when collective bargaining was not in place. The players allege that the team hid and even lied about the risks of head injuries during that time period.

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Brain injuries – ranging from mild to severe – can result in critical and often debilitating long-term health problems. Many times, brain injuries are caused by automobile or other preventable accidents arising from another’s negligence.

Here according to ABC News, the players claim that they have suffered a variety of brain injuries as the result of repeated concussions, including post-concussion syndrome and latent brain disease. They all claim also to be suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which can only be definitively diagnosed by examining the brain after death.

One of the players, Chris Martin, stated that he didn’t know that playing in games after sustaining a head injury could lead to permanent damage.

“I would have liked to have the opportunity to know that going back on the field would cause me to have severe disabilities later in life,” he said. “I didn’t know that. That’s what the lawsuit is about.”

The players are seeking actual and punitive damages from the league for their damages.

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