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Motorcycle Accident Litigation and Woodland Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Woodland Accident Attorneys Detail Motorcycle Risks

Woodland personal injury attorney at Sette Law Office believes that most people know motorcycles present inherent dangers. We are also aware that the incidence of motorcycle and car accidents injuries is steadily rising. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) traces a portion of this increase to older clientele purchasing big bikes. Our Woodland accident attorneys point out that these heavy bikes are harder to handle, prone to tipping and often "invisible" to other motorists in Woodland . Personal injury attorney at Sette Law Office knows that it’s the motorcycle rider who consistently receives the most severe Woodland car crash injury.

Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney Our personal injury attorney has observed that threats from motorists have increased, largely because of drivers distracted by cell phone use in Woodland . Accident attorneys say this contemporary threat only adds to the dangers that motorcycle riders face on the roadways of Woodland . Car accident injuries have risen due to distracted driving, and public safety policy is scrambling to address the issue.

According to Woodland personal injury attorneys, nationwide studies show that over two-thirds of motorcycle fatalities involve other vehicles. Riders are extremely vulnerable because motorcycles have no shell to reduce the impact of a Woodland car crash injury. California motorcycle fatalities show a correlation to the state’s economy, our Woodland accident attorneys report. Sales of touring motorcycles rose with our improved economic picture.

Our Woodland personal injury attorney consults Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) for additional data. There was an increase in motorcycle accident injuries and fatalities of 23 percent between 2003 and 2012, following a 16 percent decrease prior to 2008. Our Woodland accident attorneys add that NHTSA date shows that riders over 40 suffered 56 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents in 2012 – a 63 percent increase over 2003. This data supports the observations of our Woodland accident attorneys regarding the higher risk taken by older riders.

Advice for Riders in Woodland

Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney Personal injury attorneys say that, unfair as it may seem, motorcyclists must always drive defensively. Although motorists may be liable for Woodland accident injuries, personal injury attorneys say the motorcyclist clearly has the most to lose. Always wearing a helmet is a critical safety element that can prevent a motorcycle death in Woodland . Accident attorneys report that fatalities are dramatically higher for riders not wearing helmets. Click here for statewide helmet laws. In addition, personal injury attorneys say bike riders are more vulnerable to other Woodland accidents. Attorneys say that debris on roadways may not affect other vehicles but may be fatal to motorcyclists in Woodland . Personal injury attorneys emphasize the importance of conscientious riding.

Constant awareness of a rider’s environment is essential to avoiding a Woodland motorcycle accident. Attorneys say that watching side mirrors and surrounding traffic helps keep riders safe from a serious Woodland accident. Our attorneys know that the foothills and alluring river delta are great for riders to savor the motorcycle experience around Woodland . Personal injury attorneys point out that excessive speeds on open roads can be deadly to riders in the County of Woodland . Personal injury attorneys know from experience, that survivors of high-speed accidents may suffer for a lifetime.

Experts in Woodland Accident Law

Attorneys at Sette Law Office have been representing the victims of motorcycle accidents for more than two decades. Our personal injury attorney understands what it takes to gather the evidence needed and aggressively advocate for motorcycle accident injury victims in Woodland . Our accident attorneys are also aware that, more often than not, the motorcyclist is not at fault in the accident. To compensate the victims of such accidents for their substantial medical costs and losses, our Woodland personal injury attorneys leverage our experience and our dedication to each client as an individual. No matter what the size of a proposed claim, Sette Law Office motorcycle accident attorneys represent the best and highest interests of clients injured in a Woodland accident.

Sacramento motorcycle accident attorneyAttorneys at Sette Law Office understand the exhilarating experience of riding a motorcycle. However, to safeguard against a Woodland accident, our attorneys advise riders to take it upon themselves to be hyper-aware and adopt a strict practice of driving defensively. But if you or a loved one should have the misfortune of a motorcycle accident, our injury attorneys will listen intently, advocate on your behalf and help you move forward to a better future in Woodland . Personal injury attorney at Sette Law Office has been delivering quality representation for over more than 26 years.

Motorcycle accident attorneys analyze Causes

Woodland personal injury attorneys say CHP data shows a significant increase in motorcycle accidents. Sette Law Office motorcycle accident attorneys say motorcyclists are responsible for over 50 percent of accidents. Along with motorcyclists riding more responsibly, our Woodland personal injury attorneys say that motorists also must improve their awareness of motorcycles in several ways:

  • Woodland accident attorneys say motorists often fail to notice motorcycles and shift lanes without signaling or checking traffic.
  • Following motorcycles and other cars too closely causes motorcycle accident. Personal injury attorneys remind drivers that cars require longer to stop than motorcycles.
  • Drivers in cars often assume they have the right-of-way. Our personal injury attorneys remind drivers that motorcyclists have the same rights as others on the road. Respect those rights and avoid a serious accident.
Personal injury attorneys say that awareness of all traffic on our roadways is a shared responsibility that helps prevent Woodland accidents. Attorneys at Sette Law Office support safe driving and help accident victims recover from unfortunate losses when an accident happens.

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