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Elk Grove California, with our major freeways, broad suburban streets and congested urban core, is not, unfortunately, known for traffic safety. In fact, in Elk Grove California, car crash injury is a serious, region-wide concern. At Sette Law Office, our Elk Grove car crash injury attorneys are attuned to the region’s car accident data, and it does not paint a positive picture of roadway safety in Elk Grove California.

Sacramento injury lawyer Car accident injuries that led to fatalities, dramatically rose from 25 in 2012 to 42 in 2013, according to City-Data. Our Elk Grove car injury accident attorneys are even more alarmed that fatalities involving drunk driving more than quadrupled in the same period of time. According to the Office of Traffic Safety there were 9,152 car crashes with injuries or death in 2012 in the County of Elk Grove California. Car accident and personal injury attorneys at Sette Law Office report the organization ranks our region as the 7th worse county out of 58 for car accident injuries and deaths. This is a trend that calls for increased vigilance on the part of drivers and pedestrians as well as greater attention to traffic safety on the part of public officials in Elk Grove California.

Car crash injury brings immeasurable pain to victims in Elk Grove California. Car accident injury attorneys have almost daily exposure to the extraordinary costs of Elk Grove car crash injuries – from physical pain to financial and emotional suffering that often comes in the wake of a Elk Grove car accident. Injuries may prevent a victim from returning to his or her job and, at the same time, car crash injuries leave a trail of very costly medical bills. This is where the Sette Law Office personal injury law firm and our Elk Grove accident injury attorneys can help. Our Elk Grove car crash injury attorneys are committed to providing legal expertise and personal support to the victims of Elk Grove car accidents. Injuries caused by a negligent driver should not inflict further financial and emotional pain on the victims of a car crash in Elk Grove California.

Accident Attorneys Advise Caution After a Car Crash Injury in Elk Grove

Accident and personal injury attorneys say there are steps you can take to protect yourself financially and legally, starting at the scene of the car crash with injuries.

If you should ever be involved in a Elk Grove car accident with injuries, you should know that state law requires all incidents of car crash injuries to be reported, as well as all accidents with more than $750 in damages. Failure to report a Elk Grove car crash injury or one over the financial threshold can result in a motorist losing driving privileges. Furthermore, our Elk Grove car accident injury attorneys will have no documented basis for representing a car crash injury victim in a claim.

Sacramento car accident injury lawyer There are several other actions that drivers can take after a Elk Grove car crash. If an personal injury does not prevent a victim from safely doing so, it’s a good idea to document the scene with photos or videos. Our Elk Grove accident injury attorneys suggest taking images of the vehicles as well as the surrounding environment. It’s possible that such documentation might later be used to support a claim for the Elk Grove car crash injury. And, although we understand that emotions often run high in the aftermath of a Elk Grove car accident and injuries may be frightening, we ask victims to remain as calm as possible. As Elk Grove car accident injury attorneys, we know that a few passionate words shouted at the scene of a Elk Grove car crash with injuries can come back to haunt our victim. Consequently, Elk Grove car accident and injury attorneys suggest that communication be limited to the exchange of necessary information only. Even a simple "I’m sorry" could be construed as an admission of guilt, causing our Elk Grove car crash injury attorney to deal with an unintended consequence of an innocent comment.

Yet another protocol after a Elk Grove car crash injury is to seek immediate medical attention. Our Elk Grove car accident injury attorneys have worked with many car crash victims who declined medical help at the scene of an accident, only to later discover a serious car crash injury. Lawyers know this can lead to challenges for the plaintiff’s Elk Grove car accident injury attorney, alleging there was no personal injury because medical help wasn’t requested. Our Elk Grove car crash injury attorneys also remind us that some car crash injuries are not immediately apparent. Post-accident swelling and muscle bruising can develop shortly after any Elk Grove car crash and personal injury lawyers therefore advise seeking prompt medical examination.

Insurance Plays a Role in any Elk Grove Car Crash

Accident and injury attorneys emphasize that drivers must comply with state laws that mandate car insurance. Liability insurance must apply to the driver, no matter whose car they are driving, and cover others driving the insured’s vehicle. Elk Grove car crash injury attorneys explain that minimum insurance is $15,000 for personal injury or death, and $5,000 for property damage per accident in Elk Grove California. Car crash injury lawyers say this requirement includes out-of-state drivers as well as drivers whose license is invalid.

Sacramento car accident attorney Our Elk Grove car accident injury attorneys report that almost half of car crashes in California are caused by underinsured and uninsured drivers. Consequently, it’s critical that responsible drivers be certain of their insurance coverage in Elk Grove California. Car crash injuries have the potential to bankrupt victims who lack sufficient insurance but still, in California and by extension Elk Grove California, accident injury attorneys say one-third of drivers have no vehicle insurance at all. Adequate coverage can protect insured drivers from those who have none in Elk Grove California. Car crash injury lawyers know that responsible motorists readily comply with the state insurance coverage mandate.

Elk Grove Car Crash Injury Attorneys Provide Legal Expertise

At first look, responsibility for Elk Grove car accident injuries might seem obvious. But, our car crash injury lawyers know full-well that unforeseen complexities often arise after a Elk Grove car accident. Injuries must be clearly linked to the car crash, and we must prove that the Elk Grove car crash injury was the defendant’s fault. The definition of fault (liability) is often debated in court. In fact, our Elk Grove car accident and personal injury attorneys note that insurance companies and lawyers for the defense often present vigorous opposition to a Elk Grove car crash injury claim. It’s extremely rare that an individual without legal education and extensive practice can handle the complexities of Elk Grove car accident and personal injury law without an attorney.

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