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Sette Law Office Car Accident Injury Attorneys Alert to Rising Traffic Risks in Placerville

Car accident injuries and deaths are on the rise, according to recent figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Placerville car accident attorneys at Sette Law Office find this new data alarming because traffic accidents were already so common, even before the latest complications brought on by the emerging danger of distracted driving in Placerville .

Sacramento car accident injury lawyer Car accident injuries and deaths due to this Digital Age danger are increasingly in the headlines nationally as well as in Placerville . Car crash injury attorneys point to a tragedy in the summer of 2015 when a driver checking a text message killed a bicyclist and critically injured his young son in Carmichael, a suburb of Placerville . Car accident injuries and deaths such as this one can, in fact, be prevented. Placerville car accident injury attorneys at Sette Law Office support victims injured in a car crash. But Placerville is home to our lawyers and their families. Consequently our personal injury lawyers also focus on education to help prevent Placerville car accident injuries and deaths. In our monthly Blog, in public presentations and consultations, we talk about the very real dangers of distracted driving in Placerville . Car crash injury brings immeasurable pain and costs to victims in Placerville . Car accident injuries can, and do, change lives forever.

The Many Costs of Placerville Car Accident Injuries

First, we’ll look at some of the types of car crash injury we encounter as personal injury lawyers in Placerville . Car accident injuries, of course, can go beyond physical harm to include emotional and financial damage. This is particularly true when the victim of a Placerville car crash has injury to the brain. Head injuries are very common and can last a lifetime. When this is the case, Sette Law Office Placerville accident injury attorneys work diligently to win adequate compensation for our victim of a head injury due to a car crash. Our car accident injury attorneys know that some Placerville car crash injuries will never truly heal. Brain injury is among the most serious and extensive of Placerville car accident injuries, causing radical changes in a person’s quality of life.

In addition, severe personal injury to the back can also result in a lifetime of pain and physical compromise. Even if a Placerville car crash injury seems minor, damage to the spine, vertebra and discs may not be immediately apparent after a Placerville car accident. Injuries to the back and neck can manifest several hours after a Placerville car crash. Injuries later become apparent when the victim might feel pain or numbness. The potential delay in feeling back and neck injuries in one reason we advise all Placerville car crash injury victims to seek immediate medical attention. An important part of our job as Placerville accident injury attorneys is to prove that someone’s car accident injuries are directly related to the Placerville car crash. Injuries not identified for hours or days after a car crash may be more challenging to verify.

When our accident attorneys represent a client with a Placerville car crash injury, showing the defendant’s liability is at the heart of our process. It’s critical to clearly show that a driver acted with negligence and that failure to adhere to his or her "duty" as a driver caused our client’s Placerville car accident injuries. Even though liability is often very apparent to our client, his or her claims may be challenged by a defendant’s attorney. In advocating for our Placerville car accident injury client, our personal injury attorneys will hope for as much detailed accident information as possible to make our strongest case for fair compensation for Placerville car accident injuries.

Most Recent Driving Risks for Placerville

Car accident injuries, as we stated earlier, have risen significantly, partly due to new risks such as distracted driving in Placerville leading to car crash injuries. Caltrans and other state agencies say that hand-held smart phone use is definitely a factor across the state and in Placerville car accident injuries. One Office of Traffic Safety survey indicates that cell phone use rose to 9.2 percent of drivers from 6.6 percent the previous year. Clearly Placerville car crash injury and death rates will reflect this troubling trend. Sette Law Office personal injury attorneys strive to educate our community and reverse this trend that leads to too many Placerville car accident injuries and deaths. Our Placerville accident injury attorneys are monitoring the development of the State Highway Safety Plan that may actually strengthen distracted driving laws to protect people throughout the state and in Placerville from car accident injuries caused by the use of electronic devices.

And yet another, preventable behavior is impacting the numbers of Placerville car accident injuries – drunk driving. The rise in DUI arrests and car crash injuries in Placerville may also be related to people driving under the influence of marijuana or prescription drugs.

In addition, there is an increase in bicycle, motorcycle and pedestrian deaths or injuries due to a Placerville car crash. Because of this, state traffic officials are launching a public education campaign to reach these groups and focus on how vulnerable they are to a Placerville car crash injury or even death.

Placerville Car Accident Injury Attorneys Ready to Help

We hope that you or a loved one never have to experience a serious Placerville car crash injury. But if the unfortunate happens, we’d like you to call Sette Law Office where you’ll find very personal attention to your unique needs. Since we’ve been practicing car accident injury law in Placerville for more than 25 years, we know that not all Placerville car accident injury attorneys deliver the kind of service that we’ve made part of the culture of Sette Law Office. To us, all Placerville car crash injury clients deserve our compassion and our professional focus. We do not operate our service business based on the size of any Placerville car crash injury claim. Our clients are not relegated to the "bottom line." A modest Placerville car accident injury claim for compensation gets the same attention as does a million dollar action. When you call our office you’ll talk to your Placerville car accident injury attorney and not be relegated to endless messages or unreturned calls. We are committed to serving our community with ethical and effective representation in the arena of personal injury law.

2012 Office of Traffic Safety Data for Placerville Car Crash Injuries and Deaths

  • OTS reports 9,152 people with Placerville Car crash injuries or fatalities: This number ranked the area as the 7th most dangerous for car crash injuries or death out of 58 comparable counties.
  • Of the total number of Placerville car crash injuries and deaths, 999 involved alcohol placing the region near the middle as 33rd riskiest of 58 counties for car accident injuries or death.
  • Of alcohol involved accidents 172 drivers between ages of 21 – 34 had been drinking and driving in Placerville , with car crash injuries and deaths from DUI’s ranked in the top 5 of comparable counties.
  • Bicyclists are the next most vulnerable to a Placerville car crash injury or death with 555 victims reported by OTS in 2012.
  • At 409 victims, pedestrians ranked the third group most at risk of a Placerville car crash injury or death.
  • Finally, 399 motorcyclists were involved in a Placerville car crash with injuries or deaths.
The California OTS also identifies the types of collisions causing Placerville car crash injuries and deaths. Two of the categories show that risk of Placerville car crash injuries and deaths is alarmingly high. There were 2,292 speed related, Placerville car crash injuries or deaths making the county the 4th most dangerous for a speed related car crash injury or death. Hit and run collisions were also high at a ranking of 6th riskiest for a Placerville car crash injury or death due to a hit and run driver.

If you require legal assistance with a Placerville car accident injury, please call us toll-free at 1-888-516-6262 or submit our online Contact Us form to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Placerville personal injury attorney.



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