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Speeding And Reckless Driving

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The High Risks of Speeding and Reckless Driving in Auburn

Sacramento accident attorney Car accident injuries and deaths have been on the rise throughout California and in Auburn . Car crash injury attorneys at Sette Law know that the most effective way to lower accident risk is to simply obey traffic laws. But our Auburn personal injury lawyers are also aware this simple tactic is, unfortunately, the most ignored by drivers in Auburn .

Car accident injuries and deaths are frequently attributed to at least one of the drivers traveling in excess of the speed limit. In any Auburn car crash with injury there is about a 33 percent chance that one party was speeding. Our Auburn personal injury attorneys have decades of experience in representing victims of car accidents caused by a speeding motorist. Consequently, our Auburn car crash injury lawyers understand the extreme dangers of speeding, as well as the painful and costly toll on car crash victims. Unfortunately, Auburn car accident injuries caused by a reckless, speeding driver are not always ‘open and shut’ cases. The car crash injury attorney for the defendant will attempt to raise doubt about liability, and our expertise as Auburn personal injury attorneys is to aggressively advocate for just compensation for our client who has been injured in a Auburn car crash.

Injury and even death can occur at almost any speed. Many drivers mistakenly think that driving a few miles above the limit is still relatively safe in Auburn . Car accident injuries, however, can be very serious at speeds many drivers think of as acceptable, even though just slightly over the posted limit. According to our Auburn personal injury lawyers, some of the most threatening car accident injuries include head trauma and damage to the spinal cord. Any jolt to the head that’s experienced in a Auburn car crash, threatens brain injury that can last a lifetime, and similarly for trauma to the spinal cord. Any excess in a car’s speed can magnify the severity of a Auburn car accident. Injuries may naturally be more threatening and severe at extreme speeds. Like most residents of Auburn , our personal injury lawyers have experienced such dangerous drivers on local freeways.

Reckless Drivers Threaten Safety in Auburn

Car accident injury and deaths also happen due to the thoughtless actions of reckless drivers in Auburn . Our personal injury attorneys list behaviors such as drinking and driving, distracted driving and unsafe passing as a few examples of reckless driving. An increasing number of Auburn car crash injuries and deaths have been associated with distracted driving while texting or otherwise checking hand held electronic devices while driving in Auburn . Car accident injuries due to this convenience of our digital era are becoming more common and there is an urgent need to educate drivers. Just a few seconds of attention to a digital screen can lead to a Auburn car accident and injuries that will be regretted for a lifetime. Distracted driving is among the most preventable causes of a Auburn car crash.

Injury and death is also threatened by people who choose to drink and drive. Our personal injury attorneys believe that enhanced public education about the personal responsibility drivers accept when they sit behind the wheel can help diminish driving under the influence in Auburn , causing car accident injuries. This too common behavior, like distracted driving, is preventable.

Auburn Car Accident Attorneys Advocate and Protect

At the law office of Fredrick J. Sette, our Auburn personal injury attorneys know that car accident injuries can be very complex. Although the cause of a Auburn car crash injury may seem very clear to our client, it’s the job of the defendant’s lawyer to argue vigorously against our client. While our injury attorney seeks to protect our client from further harm after his or her Auburn car accident injuries, the opposition is protecting the financial interests of the defendant’s insurance company. Our Auburn personal injury lawyers carefully compile a case to get fair compensation for damages inflicted in a Auburn car crash injury. This amount can include medical costs, lost wages (and future wages) and potential emotional damage from the Auburn car crash injuries.

At the law firm of Frederick J. Sette in Auburn , personal injury attorneys share a dedication to treat each client as an important individual. To us, the size of a financial settlement or award is not our fundamental motivation as Auburn car accident lawyers. Injuries that may net modest and fair compensation for a Auburn car crash injury are handled the same as those promising a million dollar award. Yes, our personal injury attorneys are aware of some local law firms that perform on the basis of high dollar returns. Some Auburn car accident injury clients get premium attention, and others do not, based on the potential compensation to be gained. At Sette Law, our Auburn car accident injury clients experience personal and responsive representation, regardless of the size of a claim. Phone calls are promptly returned by a Auburn personal injury lawyer who completely understands that each person’s claim is of equal importance.

After working with so many Auburn car crash injury victims over decades of professional practice, our injury lawyers are aware of the great pain and expense that can descend upon the victim of a car accident. Auburn families can experience devastating financial hardship and emotional pain that’s almost unimaginable. After a serious Auburn car accident injury, a victim and his or her family are rarely up to the complex challenge that accompanies a demand for compensation for car crash injuries. In Auburn , car crash injury victims have come to trust our personal injury attorneys to take those legal responsibilities from their shoulders. Moreover, our clients regularly express their gratitude for the responsiveness and compassionate demeanor of their Sette Auburn car accident attorney. The positive response from our Auburn car accident and injury clients makes us proud to offer our legal experience and expertise to the Auburn community.

If you, or a loved one, are involved in a Auburn car accident with injury and deserve compensation for injuries, please call us so that we can learn more and you can move forward to complete recovery.

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